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    A memorable wedding already starts with a special invitation scrolls you know classic only from the time of the Pharaohs and kings who sent by messengers in the country to express important decrees. To transfer this to the present time, it seems not far-fetched scrolls also to the delivery of important messages, such as, for example, an upcoming wedding. The most beautiful day of your life should be left out celebrated and announced as well, so everything must be already from the announcement card. The scroll Nemaan provides a special way to attune their guests at the Festival. The 21.5 cm x 28 cm-large scroll of fine silk fabric offers plenty of space to invite their distinguished guests and can be individually designed depending on the request.

    To roll up the scroll, it is held together by a delicate cord and can be easily opened by the recipient. Usually, an elegant box with design elements are the scroll Nemaan and an extra card. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The scroll is placed shipped simply for decoration or even at the edge of the box, so that it is not dirty or damaged during her trip, finally a so delicate gift should not be defaced. The scroll Nemaan is available in many different colours and can be adapted individually accordingly. Classic wedding this is selectable in white/silver, but recommend other warm tones such as white/Turquoise/Silver, pink / gold or white/purple/silver. The choice of black/silver, prepared a feast for the eyes but also – for example, selecting a white font – is not so traditional.

    For the undecided is also the choice between several different colors and possibly a bug between the cards. Contact information is here: PCRM. Thus in principle, because the cards are to be ordered separately and individually customizable, a specially designed scroll Nemaan can be composed for each guest. What crazy it sounds, is potentially especially for small Weddings, or parties where guests particularly at heart are the hosts. Here the scroll Nemaan can a sense of peculiarity and simultaneous elegance to convey the guest for who can claim to have a specially-created scroll – what comes also as a potential idea to surprise their loved ones or their loved ones in question. Good quality we know takes their time. Because the scroll Nemaan is personalized and customized with much love for the detail, is basically to be expected when blank scrolls with a duration of one week to delivery. For printing the cards, will be to count delivery period is generally twelve days, but giving in wedding planning dimensions trifle should represent. Summa Summarum has decorative revalue the scroll Nemaan the potential of any message or to become a stylish moment just the wedding announcement.

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