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    Volunteers give English lessons in Ethiopia volunteer from Germany give students in the Northern Ethiopian town Kobbo during local school holidays English courses. The action was spurred by those affected on the ground and should be continued and expanded. Starting from a private sponsorship project the action Kobbo Summer School started 2007\”. Thus, volunteer from Germany give students in the Northern Ethiopian town Kobbo in the summer English courses, which are free of charge for the children as opposed to the regular school attendance. This year there were three voluntary project pioneer\”Jurgen Dandan of Borgentreich in Kassel, Erika Rohn from Dusseldorf and Eva Teichmann from Frankfurt – which in July vacation used to teach nearly 300 children of different age groups. This offer was open to students of all colleges in Kobbo and went back on the initiative of the dedicated leader of the St.

    Joseph Catholic School, which is convinced of the immense importance of learning the English language. In fact the acquisition of knowledge of English in the multiracial Ethiopia is considered integral to a good education and enjoys a high priority also for parents and students. Nevertheless volunteer teachers repeatedly on the new were amazed, Elan and enthusiasm the children of all levels and ages every day – in their holiday! the school pushed. A figure of speech, which was to be taken literally in this context: De facto squeezed themselves when a class sizes of up to a hundred students three to four children in a bench; There was no place more settled, preferably within sight of the plaque, on the bare floor. Also three and in three shifts per day/teacher it was no easy task to continuously integrate every child in the classroom and to encourage its respective language level according to circumstances. The project will be expanded so next year with the aim for each school year a to be able to insert the volunteer teacher.

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