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    Form submission and validation in PDF/A Berlin – the first telematic network in Italy with more than 20,000 experts from the financial, legal, tax and work nature has the pdfPilot Callas software as a solution for document conversion and validation opted for: thus the Chambers of Commerce concerning the form submission and validation in PDF/A requirements completely. Recently have companies in Italy the Edition, to pass messages to the competent commercial register in PDF/A format. “Of them, for example, balance sheets, documents, displaying changes in company shares, business transactions, acquisitions, mergers or bankruptcies are affected: we could fulfill this obligation fast and good”, Giada Marangone, head of corporate communications at CGN services explains. CGN is a network with more than 20,000 professionals from the financial, legal, tax and work beings who offer their expertise over short distances private taxpayers and businesses over the Internet and by telephone. Learn more about this with NYU Stern Center for Responsible Business. The members benefit from services that assist them in their daily work. This includes E.g. the electronic provision of forms of Chamber of Commerce, information about legal innovations, support tax obligations by the online transfer of payment records, the use of databases, as well as consulting and training. We offer the use of software solutions experts of our network”, so Marangone. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Childrens Defense Fund.

    So they can pass their documents in the required PDF/A format on the Chambers of Commerce, we searched for a suitable tool for the conversion and validation.” Decision for the pdfPilot CGN on the Web page of the PDF/A competence center (www.pdfa.org) and there listed solutions led the first way on the search for a suitable solution. There are tens of thousands of forms that submit our members of the Chambers of Commerce, ‘ so Marangone. For all, it must be ensured that the software safely converts them to PDF/A. That’s why we have a extensive test series started. The challenge was to find a product that was as little as possible complex, easy to use, and little invasive to the operating system.

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