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    The Government on the basis of numerous shortcomings in the legislation, has not succeeded with compulsory health insurance in 2009 that all citizens have health insurance. Much worse, many are deeply in debt by the law and get only basic medical care. The penalty payments and contribution debts are the reason. From the second month in which the insured person not can pay his contributions, the insurer require 5% penalty per month. For people who were previously without health insurance and now due to the requirement of insurance want to insure themselves, come to horrendous cost. Because the insurers of the GKV and PKV asking 1 month post as fine and then the 6 month 1/6 of the monthly premium. So especially formerly privately are no longer in the legal, Health insurance can occur, often forced into the so-called walking base rate of private health insurance.

    In this tariff, the PKV providers must record each. Because frequently many insurance willing fail on the health examination or on the basis of negative Schufaeintrage in order to be included in a normal car fare. According to Federal Statistical Office, there are currently about 137000 persons without health insurance. The post debt within the statutory health insurance was in the summer of 2012 to whole 1.67 billion euros, because here too many self-employed may not pay the contributions. When the car amounted to post debt to 550 million euros. The penalty rate of 5% required by law is responsible for the ever-increasing sum.

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