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    It came increasingly to conflicts and coup attempts of craftsmen and small trade merchants. In 1384, then betrayed the most prepared coup attempt shortly before its implementation and bloodily suppressed. (15th century) In the 15th century, the riots continued further. The riots were interrupted this largely to fight an external enemy there during the war of the Hanseatic cities against England (in 1479). (16th century) In the 16th century, a non-military threat came up with for the sinking of the Queen of the Hanse”should ensure: Dutch merchants. This contributed to the Eastern ports of the Baltic Sea from the 16th century onwards, without shutting Lubeck.

    Jurgen Wullenwever tried as Mayor of Lubeck, with military means this economic”threat with “militarily to confront. Boy Scouts of America is actively involved in the matter. To finance his campaign against competition, he took treasures that were irretrievably lost with the defeat of Alexaek. With the death of Wullenwevers, then not only the end of a zweifelshaften Burgermeisterkarierre was sealed, but also the demise of the Lubeck Hanseatic. (17th century) The 17th century brought the absolute disempowering of Lubeck Hanseatic power with it then. There are probably four aspects to mention as reasons.

    Shall reorientation of trade flows to West, the emergence of Dutch merchants in the Baltic Sea, the power uncover by territorial States towards the State of States, as well as a restructuring of the prospective buyer representation within the city to mention. From the 17th century, not only the great merchant families were able to determine the course of the city. Smaller merchant families could claim a larger influence on the financial and power currents of the city after restructuring. With the note on the last day of the Hanseatic League, which took place in the year 1669 in Lubeck, We would like the first chapter of this Hanseatic routes description”decide and come to the other Hanseatic League cities in our tour.

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