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    This description that I pointed out, is that found upon entering the penalty since this business, was inaugurated on April 27, 1973, and during the seven years that I worked on it, many changes occurred in the members of the two musical frames. After two years of my income, the bassist in the Orchestra decided to retire because he wanted to travel abroad, and this square was free. The master Hector Barrera who was the director of the Orchestra, knew that I also ran that instrument, and suggested I join also the Orchestra, which I agreed immediately. I became the only musician of worth that as it says in the musical slang dobleteaba, because in one night, he played in the historic Creole and in the Orchestra. This helped me much because it can expand my musical knowledge. There are many anecdotes and funny stories that little by little, I want to go them counting, but in this article I want to share with everyone something that left me at that time completely impressed, musically speaking. The teacher Hector Barrera, was an extraordinary musician; the, apart from directing the orchestra played the alto saxophone. There are in principle up to 3 types of saxophones and are: alto, tenor and baritone; to explain a little what really impressed me, I have to explain something music (hopefully understood): when it interprets a piece of music, is in a key defined, say a minor, all the instruments that accompany the Orchestra, every one according to the instrument that is, are in different tones.

    Example: trumpet, saxophone, trombone, piano, electronic bass, etc. All play in different shades, but at the same time, all sound in a minor. At that time there were specialized musicians in transcribe all the themes of fashion in Pentagram music, so orchestras, play them this meant that skilled musician, had to write all the Papal for each instrument, the same song. He wrote the role for bass, piano, guitar, trumpet, trombone, alto sax, etc. Here comes the impressive thing about the matter, the Orchestra of the master Hector Barrera of Charles worth only boasted a wind instrument; yours, alto sax and bought these musical arrangements; then the she was holding the role of the saxophone, trombone, trumpet, and in due time he played them with his sax. For those who understand me musically speaking, they will realize that this is very difficult to do, however the did. As I repeat there are many circumstances, both impressive and hilarious, which lived at that time, and that marked my musical life, one way or another, and I hope to continue sharing them with everyone.

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