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    HYPOTHETICAL ALTERNATIVE CONJECTURAS I? MOVEMENT FARROUPILHA Considering the conventions of the treated ones between the European nations, specifically of Toledo and Tordesilhas, between Portugal and Spain, we go to find Brazil delimited for the meridian that goes of Belm, in Par, the Lagoon, in Santa Catarina, separating Goinia of Brasilia and other similar ones, what bodoque or aboriginal arc would give to our country the limited format of one. Moreover, of 1582 the 1616, the Portuguese had fought bravely to move away Frenchmen northeast e, in 1670, the dutches of Pernambuco. If they were not the brave fights of the Portuguese, inside of the Brazilian territory we would have the Acre, Amazon, Roraima, Amap, Par, Rondnia, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso of the South, Paran, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande Do Sul, half of the Tocantins, Gois and So Paulo speaking Castilian; Belm, in Par, Maranho, Piau, Cear, Rio Grande of Norte and Paraba speaking French; Pernambuco speaking dutch; Alagoas, Sergipe, Bahia, Espirito Santo, Minas Gerais, Rio De Janeiro, half of the Tocantins, Gois and So Paulo speaking Portuguese. Favours however to the period of 1580 the 1640 that let us stow under the Spanish domain, to the intrepidez of the bandeirantes that had surpassed Tordesilhas, to the inacessibilidade of Andes, the density of the Amazonian forest and to the indomvel courage of the Portuguese in the combat to the Frenchmen and dutches, we could almost extend to ours limits the continental dimensions with nine million kilometers squares. In these conjecturas, we also come across ourselves with the questions of the Acre that would have to belong to Bolivia, but thanks to the decisive participation of the Placid gaucho of I castrate was annexed to the Brazilian territory, and of Uruguay and South Region, whose epics had been basically the focus of this our approach. Conjecturando hypothetically the alternatives of the inverse outcomes, are remained in imaginary the questions that never could be answered: ' ' At that moment, it disappeared the Farroupilha Revolt and it initiated War of Tatters.

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