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    World vision and buecher.de donations raffle helps children from developing exclusively for the theatrical release of jungle child”filming the life story of Sabine Kuegler, buecher.de on the 14 a special action began, which came to an end on the 30th and a great result both for the relief organization world vision as lucky subscribers for some could reach. Fans in the online-shop of buecher.de winner on all sides for two and a half months were selected products on the subject of jungle child”order and automatically per item not only one euro at the start helpers projects of the world’s charity donate vision, but also participate in a sweepstakes, were in the eBook reader, vouchers and fan packages to win. Also for world vision has paid off already working. Overall, buecher.de sold in the period”265 articles around the jungle child. In a question-answer forum Center For Responsible Lending was the first to reply. Is summa Summarum 265 euro.

    But that isn’t enough: Buecher.de decided simply to round up the amount and one was so Pass total donation of 500 euros. Including movie stills and bonus material with a total 104 sold copies original and film version as a bestselling special bestseller of the action were the official Pocket Guide to the film jungle child”, as well as the original first book Dschungelkind” by Sabine Kuegler, which ordered 102 times. The action was overall a success, not least for the disadvantaged children where the donations come to good so. More information around Sabine Kuegler and their works can be found in the online shop of buecher.de, as well as in the buecher.de blog. Contact: buecher.de GmbH & co.

    KG stone Ford 65 a 86167 Augsburg phone: 0821/4502-0 fax: 0821/4502-299 E-Mail: Web: about buecher.de: buecher.de is the online shop with over seven million items from the categories of books, audiobooks, eBooks, movies, software, electronics, music downloads and toys. Numerous price hits range from buecher.de and endearing to search the shop for bargains on the Internet. Customers receive your order shipping and can choose the buecher.de shop without minimum order. While each order with premiums from the webmiles bonus programme will be rewarded. buecher.de has its headquarters in Augsburg and ovan1305294287 is a joint venture of Axel Springer AG, Holtzbrinck networks GmbH and the Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH.

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