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    Bankruptcy Advisor Dieter Buge helps bankrupt entrepreneurs to financial freedom despite bankruptcy! Shortly before Easter – Dieter seems the insolvency consultant in time – Badi of city land in Oldenburg (Oldb.) a rare discovery to be successful! According to own, he has the “Egg of Columbus for the insolvent self-employed discovered!” A brilliant move seems the 52-year insolvency consultant, municipal politician in the Wesermarsch and author of the current Insolvency Guide 2010 with the promising title of “Financial freedom despite insolvency”, in fact to be successful. Namely, his new Insolvency Guide promises that every / r insolvent entrepreneur completely uncomplicated, rechtsgepruft and also within a few days – despite rule bankruptcy, liquidator and good behavior phase – can free from the trap of financial. (Source: BSA). “Despite contrary practice, this was off immediately doable”, Dieter Buge, is active since 1992 as an economics lecturer and consultant. So far lead insolvent self-employed – so everyday life for anyway been “badly shaken” entrepreneur – every month about 500 million to its insolvency administrator from. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Center For Responsible Lending on most websites. “This must be”, so Dieter Badar continues, “no longer be, because the legislature has a legal (back) door left open, resulting in insolvent entrepreneurs directly and without difficulty to financial freedom!” Where exactly is this “door” is and what “Sesame open you code”, to open it is, reveals the insolvency consultant and author to order from bookshops or directly from the Web site – – is in his book. Well, because, love insolvent freelance, Happy Easter!.

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