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    Corporate thievery on the lower level is very effective blocked by security systems, as well as the formulation of registration and storage of wealth. The most difficult to control the middle managers. First, many of them, and secondly, they often do not take, but prepare best decisions for ourselves, and thirdly, they have little influence incentives like profit sharing and stock options. It is in relation to this category of staff is very effective remedy – "transparency" of management and accounting which allows you to create complex automation of the trading company tech industry ERP-systems. Turnover and profit – the main "whales" retailers, so some entrepreneurs consider the cost of the security costs of business and not competent management and investment decision.

    However, the loss minimization plays an equally important role in making a profit, as well as trade, pricing and advertising. An effective tool is an integrated security system, integrated in a technological industry ERP-system of commercial enterprise. Such a union solves the problems of security in the new qualitative level, but also contributes to making the right decision in a very short period of time, ensures accuracy of information and effective management of forces and means of ensuring safety. Electronic anti-theft systems are essential for trading floors – they can significantly reduce the percentage of losses from theft of buyers. A control system allows cash operations to catch a thief as a cashier in a real time, and after the fact – when watching the video archive. Integrated Security System provides easy management and cost optimization for the intermediate links, usually tied to the human factor, than increases economic efficiency in the enterprise functioning Sat Studies show that in the stores where you installed a comprehensive system security, the percentage of losses from theft of all types decreased by 40-50%. Of course, any system can be fooled. But the better thought out this system, the more complete set of features – the harder it is to do it.

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