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    Every civilization is a potential source of customs and traditions that were developed throughout its history, as well as their requirements in relation to the formation of their culture. Thus, we can inside countries with a rich background in the elements raised above, and Northern Europe is an undisputed standard bearer for those, such as the remarkable lifestyle that brings the people of Scotland, which forms much sovereign the British Isles and from tourism point of that beautiful area. The successive rulers of Monaco tended to live elsewhere and only occasionally visit their palace. Charles III was succeeded in 1889 by Albert I (Illustration 18). Albert married the daughter of a Scots aristocrat. The couple had a son, John, before divorcing in 1880. Albert was a great scientist and founded the Oceanographic Institute in 1906, founded as a pacifist after the International Peace Institute in Monaco. The second wife of Albert, Alice Heine, did much to make Monte Carlo a cultural center, thereby establishing the ballet and opera in the city. Having brought in a large family she Dowry contemplata turning the casino into a convalescent home for the poor who would benefit from recuperation in warm climates. The couple separated before she could put their plans into action.
    Alberto was succeeded in 1922 by his son Louis II. Ludwig II had been reared by his mother and stepfather in Germany, Monaco and did not know until the age of 11 years. He had a distant relationship with his father and served in the French Navy. While posted abroad, he met his lover Marie Juliette Louvet, who had a daughter, Charlotte Louise Juliette, born in Algeria in 1898. As Prince of Monaco, Louis II spent much time elsewhere, preferred to live on the family farm in Le Marchais, near Paris. In 1911, Prince Louis had passed a law legitimising his daughter so that she could inherit the throne, in order to prevent its passing to a distant branch of the German family. The law was challenged and developed into that became known as a crisis of succession in Monaco. Finally in 1919 the prince formally adopted his illegitimate daughter Charlotte, who became known as Princess Charlotte, Duchess of Valentinois. The collection of Louis II collection of artefacts belonging to Napoleon I form the foundation of the Museum Napoleon at the palace, which is open to the public.
    During World War II, Louis Monaco attempted to keep neutral, although his Sympathie were with the French Vichy Government. This caused a rift with his grandson Rainier, his daughter’s son, and the heir to Louis’ throne, who strongly supported the Allies against the Nazis.
    Following the liberation of Monaco by the Allied forces, the 75-year-old Prince Louis did little for his Principality and it began to fall into severe neglect. By 1946 he was spending most of his time in Paris, and on 27 July of that year, he married for the first time. Absent from Monaco during most of the final years of his reign, he and his wife lived on their estate in France. Prince Louis died in 1949 and was succeeded by his grandson Rainier III of Monaco.

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