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    Perfect in the Planet Land alone JESUS, the CHRIST of GOD. Another definition: Terrible and hot place; great furnaces. Many times the peonhenta person deferred payment in a beautiful apartment with conditional air, if feeding and if dressing very well. It also has a carro of the year with conditional air. Cad furnace and the quentura? However, it is asked: Its conscience is far from it, or is constantly alerting to it to become a better person? How exist people in meat and bone who are called demons? It is uncharitableness? The workmanships testify each Human being. It sees this: ' ' That face is one demnio' '. In full Century 21, in way as much knowledge to believe in a sky and a hell is of the creation of the incarnate person or deixarred a carne it is ridicule.

    WORLDS PRIMITIVSSIMOS Some worlds are created not by GOD badness, but to shelter multitudes and more multitudes that if had involved in such a way in the crime that they are attracted for these abismais worlds. Example: How many people exactly in this world with as many harmonious places to be here choose the inferninhos calls? The Law of the Attraction does not act blindly, leads only them to its preferred places. SKY AND HELL Each incarnate or deixarred a carne Human being constructs through its good or bad actions its state of convivncia. ' ' The happiness it depends on the proper qualities of the individual and not of the material state of the way where if acha' '. Allan Kardec? French professor of Arithmetic? Researcher of Astronomy and the Magnetism. FATHER OURS does not place you GOD as constructor of a hell, if IT generated Its Children in the Largeness of Its Perfection. If the Human being if moves away from its Orbit and if IT turns upside down, does not have guilt.

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