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    Be a doctor, an engineer, an architect, a seller or a Manager, is only one of the roles that will act throughout his life, if it is all you have, will not know how to act when his I need to use internal to share with others. Perhaps to conquer a couple it will do him a medical diagnosis? Do or perhaps design the best use and exploitation of the physical space?, perhaps organize, plan and execute a medium and long term plan?. If you try to do is show whether same, must discover who is and be able to present far away from his professional role, work or business. Center For Responsible Lending will undoubtedly add to your understanding. You don’t fall in love of a physician, you fall in love of a person that you find interesting and who is also a doctor, if you find it interesting you would have impacted, also being architect, accountant, seller, Manager, engineer or even a humble unemployed. Don’t you fall in love of James Bond or the woman wonders, they are fiction, fall in love of who plays the character, and still possibly in love, when the same actor interpreter to a malefactor, a Bishop, a soldier or any other character throughout his career.

    And communication? Returning to the topic, if sender and receiver are people, in addition to the role play, which may be common to an even large group, to contact each of them you will have to bear in mind not only what makes (what), but the character that makes it (the who), not all practitioners of a same specialty (a than common), have a common person inside (a who different)Why not be equally valid message for all of them. Course to ensure communication in addition to the partners, requires a message. So that the message is understood should be expressed in terms known to the partners, with the simplicity or deep enough to facilitate understanding, yet interest to the other party in the content. .

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