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    Now we're going to do the flowers to the composition of 'Jasmine'. For a start we need: white small beads number 10, slightly larger white, green matt number 10, yellow matt number 10, copper wire of medium hardness. Cut the wire into pieces 80cm in length and half sklydyvaem such pieces should be sounding the Oklo 40-50pcs. We start with the fact that the middle of a wire dress big white beads add up exactly half wires and the two ends of the wire dress green beads, so we have obtained that the white beads sitting in the middle of the wire, and then begin to twist the wire in any direction but the key is uniformly so that was nice, wind the wire around 1,5-2cm, it will be a bud who wants to swaying. Then on one end of the wire put on a green beads and 3 large white, skipping the end of the wire through the green beads and twists about 0.5 cm remains kakby for legs flowers, and go to the main trunk which is also twist. Then, on the other end of the wire dress 1zelenuyu and 6 white beads, and rotate around the white beads making kakby ring but not grabbing green. (All this is done 0,5-0,7 cm at a distance from the main stem of flower.) and put on 6 more white beads and then they rolled into the ring, then hold the free end of the wire through the green beads back and twists the flower stem, it will be not full-blown bud. Also, twisting the wire and continue only now, after the first 6 white beads to add a yellow beads and then dial the 6 white beads in a ring with a twisting yellow beads do not touch twists only white, and type 6 white beads, again rolled into the ring and passed through the green beads, obtained flower with three sepals which we will form. Such full of flowers with three sepals should be done on the stalk about 6-7, can also be the end of the stem to increase the number of white beads first and then to 7 to 8 which will give the flowers the size of the game. Well that's all. For even more opinions, read materials from Gavin Baker. I wish you luck and success.

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