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    The leadership of the country per the next years will be under responsibility of one of the two and writing to more pages in the Brazil Book. Leaving partisan passions of side, all the presidents had had important paper in the writing of this recent history. What the country lives today started with Fernando Collor, if they remember the opening of market? Frank Itamar, Fernando Enrique, Squid and Brazil growing and if firming in the world-wide scene. It is hypocrisy and fallacy any one of the cited leaders to want to sign ' ' Brasil&#039 project; '. Time for another one we see one of them ' ' beating in peito' ' saying I made.

    In all the administrations we have that to open social parentheses for denunciations of corrupes and facts that had evidenced mazelas and disrespect with the human being and the people in some spheres. All the governments had had virtues and imperfections. Coming back to the campaign, the candidate of the Green Party Marina Hisses, third placed, did not innovate and its speech was pautado in the environment, as already it was of if waiting. They in the media fit to the excessively canditados ones to complain of the destined time and to criticize in vehement way the Brazilian public politics, as making a mistake was had all. Regionally, ' ' all equal one as was antes' ' , already an old friend said.

    Rare exceptions, it seems mood program. Exactly that it seems paradoxical, since the Marketing Politician is considered cold, strategical and calculating, as human being taste to observe people in the way and to learn with them. I cited in one of my texts, sincerely I do not remember which, the capacity of vice president Jose Alencar in dealing with the adverse one, its personal fight is example for all the Brazilians I was fan of this human being when seeing it to make a speech moved in a meeting in Belo Horizonte.

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