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    The reading remain, diletos, finish becoming illusion. As they affirm our trunks: the important one is to be able to lie down and to sleep calm, having the conscience that the part that in it was given is being fulfilled. E, with certainty sleeping in peace and tranquillity, of – for the fact to obtain, still in this land, to find a little of the peace that as much the Son of God nailed. E, as daqui of Navira says the priest: the Kingdom that Jesus in such a way announced, starts here in this land, but it depends on our actions and our will In this direction, esteem reading, in this special time of preparation, of arranging ‘ coisas’ our internal life and our heart, we need to perceive that in our life conturbada in the present time, very on to the consumerism: the power, the greed, the avarice, the pride, the mesquinhez and the search of the wild profit, between as much mazelas, finish deviating the dreams, fights and the concretion of so longed for peace, fraternity and tranquillity. World Health Organization shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Let us have certainty of a thing: it is not the money that goes in giving peace to them. If we believe and we dream of the peace, we cannot be the bobinhos of the cut and to say ‘ amm’ for everything. Quite to the contrary, the loving ones of the peace must fight for it, as well as Jesus Christ made.

    All must fight for the peace. In first place it must be inside of our family. husband (a), the son (a) the parents need agreement in its houses. If he cannot make, the least in the familiar convivncia, favors in exchange for something. In the search and construction of one ‘ Novo’ world; , where the peace is possible must fight with all the forces to exclude the greed, power and advantage in proper benefit.

    That it enters as many desires and order of this Christmas and end of year, above of the material conquests, remains the dream of the construction of a world with more will of wanting to live in peace and harmony. That God helps in them to materialize this valuable dream. One I hug to the all vocs. ‘ ‘ The life has the color of our eyeglasses and the flavor of our values internos’ ‘.

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