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    KitchenAid has developed the largest dishwasher Stuttgart / Cologne, January 2011. Thanks to KitchenAid ends the shifts in the kitchen: the new dishwasher KDFX 7017 and his little brother KDFX 7015, which offers space for 15 place settings, make sure that need no rinse mountains looming more and be cleaned by hand or in several rinses. KDFX 7017 contains 17 place settings and so has a capacity increased by 40 percent compared to conventional dishwashers. It is the widest and most dishwashers on the market. Special tags must not be for its installation. Outside, the device has standard dimensions. Spread over four levels, as well as a level of 58 cm guarantee flexible inserts sufficient storage space for dishes up to a height of 39 cm. Large plates or bowls, Baking trays and-roste, as well as grease filter must no longer be washed by hand, but can be washed time and energy-saving in the machine.

    Ten highly efficient spray zones ensure an optimum result in the dishwasher XXLence and ensure that the entire load is evenly and carefully cleaned. Two power zones on bet the lower harness remove even dried or burned food particles in very dirty pans and pots. A third zone of power cleans the utensils. There are twelve different programs available for optimum cleaning. The innovative system FlexiRacks with four missions at various levels offers the greatest possible flexibility in loading the machine. There is a special knife basket that prevents scratches by sharp knives, glass and porcelain in the top part of the dishwasher. Also, the position of the knife cage serves as a parental control. Toolkit usually is spot on.

    If children feel in the machine, no danger, they hurt themselves by dangerous knife edges. Three more inserts offer adjustable heights and different configurable Baskets a flexible and generous room layout. The dishwasher KDFX 7017 consumes about 10 liters of water and 1.05 kWh of electricity in the bio-normal program. The sound power of the device is only 43 db (A). The little brother KDFX 7015 makes clear, that is relatively small and also has a perfect layout, which has considerably more space than standard dishwasher. Three FlexiRacks, modular foldable dish mesh and removable harness grid allow cleaning of large dishes here and bowls of a diameter up to 39 cm. KDFX 7015 consumes about 11 liters of water in the bio-normal program and is very quiet just like KDFX 7017 with 43 db (A).

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