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    The personal and family issue also comes into consideration of accepting or not a climb, but wisely, this is to say that life in couple or the education of the children, must be seen within the context of employability. That both the couple’s work must be seen today as something normal and why sometimes one must give up for the sake of the progress of the other. He find a job in another city, region or country to another Member of the couple, if that is linked to a rise and a personal and professional progress of the other person, should not preclude that it reject it, for those professional reasons in another situation or another, especially when internet allows you to see the labor market at this new destination and have offers on that new location immediately and with almost instant answers. Frequently Val Dunphy has said that publicly. Many reject a rise because it is them accept geographical mobility that don’t like them, but that almost always leads to a deduction of the possibilities of promotion and much of employability, truth that the flexibility that today in day requires economic life can affect many family and social relations as we know them todayas well have made it clear in his research published in books: the era of information and flexible work sociologists and psychologists Manuel Castells and Martin Carnoy. But while those who began their careers in the 1970s will have had a geographical mobility low, new generations of secure 21st century think must change more than 10 times of job, sector, place and country, under penalty of a clear professional stagnation and a low employability. Tea-Cegos, S.A. link: Original author and source of the article

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