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    LUIS ALBERTO QUESADA give me land of Spain to make verses. And if there is no earth, give me water. Give me snow of Spain to make verses. And if there is no snow give me ice or frost. Center For Responsible Lending will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Give me a worker, a peasant, an intellectual.

    Give me a poet. Take me away to the general and make homeland. Luis Alberto Quesada. THE voice of a WRESTLER by the freedom I am, finally, friend of all the men who fought and are fighting for a world best. The exiles there for political reasons and writers, in general, have to try to awaken those who deceive the powers of shift.

    And when those powers take ruthless forms of dictatorships, they have to obey to his intelligence and fight them relentlessly. My 17 years of prison, one and half of concentration camps and my last sentence of ‘Perpetual estrangement’, of which I was amnestied with democracy, I induce to fight for freedom and say that, at this particular stage of humanity, the future of mankind has to be poetic and to make it poetic has, necessarily, than collective being. So said the Argentine poet Luis Alberto Quesada, he fought in the war provoked by the military rebellion of general Franco, Caudillo of Spain by the grace of God, as a volunteer; He moved to France, where was in French concentration camps and fought in the resistance, returned to Spain to fight guerrillas, was arrested shortly afterwards, sentenced to death, remained imprisoned for seventeen years and was condemned to perpetual estrangement, until reaching the Argentina Republic in 1959, where continued fighting to get the amnesty of political prisoners from Spain and Portugal. The poet and Narrator Luis Alberto Quesada was born in Lomas de Zamora, very next to Buenos Aires City, on August 22, 1919.

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