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    BRK Nuremberg – town, use Rock im Park, press release much usage of the medical services at rock in the Park 2010 Rock im Park, Nuremberg, Zeppelin field Wednesday 2.6 until 7.6.2010 press in June Nuremberg aid agencies Monday large stakes in Nuremberg on the volunteer forces of the medical services of the Nuremberg charities get exciting and labour-intensive weeks to. At Pentecost, it is called race for next weekends and gamedays continuous operation at the Nuremberg 2010 World Cup public viewing events, rock in the Park and Noris ring -. Start of the big event Rock im Park (this year 15 years) tends to be a day this time, on Thursday begins the first concert evening 2010 on the centre stage at 20:00. Here, the forces of the medical services have to provide the Festival guests. Boy Scouts understands that this is vital information. Thus must on Wednesday the medical service and be ready for use. Tens of thousands of fans are starting on Thursday stormed the music stage and celebrate the Festival and its stars.

    With the plans of the sites for the It is the optimum stand – and supply places to plan each stage also for the medical services. The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Nuremberg aid organisations (ArGe HiOrg) takes over the medical services at Rock im Park as in the previous year. The organizations Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB), Bavarian Red Cross (BRK), German life of rescue – Gesellschaft (DLRG) Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe (JUH) and Malteser Hilfsdienst (MHD) work closely together. “” The usage sections spread over the exhibition grounds: the Medical Center is located on the road between the main road “and the arena Nurnberger Versicherung”. Sanitatsabschnitte can be found at the water guard the small Dutzendteich and directly at the respective stages. Our forces of the ArGe HiOrg contact for the medical care of the Festival guests are 24-hour shifts. Total approx.

    1100 volunteer helpers and assistants, as well as doctors used over the entire period. The usage includes: running the individual Sanitatsabschnitte, the water rescue, the support service, a crisis intervention team, vehicle deployment, logistics use, technical service, the emergency services, the operations supervisor extended. Additionally, the medical services according to the specifications of the Bavarian to an increase in the provision in the emergency medical services. Up to 6 additional ambulance and 5 ambulances are doing occupied around the clock by auxiliary. Thus, the increased traffic is intercepted this weekend. The BRK operates the Sonderleitplatz for the entire duration of the event in collaboration with the PSAP Nuremberg”Rock im Park. This operations center coordinates all medical and rescue operations, affecting Rock im Park. The Sonderleitplatz is for all visitors around the clock under the emergency phone number: 0911 / 408 70 160 can be reached. The leadership of the mission lies in the general usage Manager Walter Meyer of the BRK District Association Nurnberg City. For more information, contact Please to the overall usage Manager Walter Meyer, phone 0172 / 811 80 25 or the joint press-centre Rock im Park”the ArGe HiOrg on behalf of Harald finally

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