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    An ancient tradition of the anchovy catch lives on in the Cilento – ‘ Abdallah di menaica’ cultural heritage, economic goods and slow food delicacy at the same time, a handful of fishermen are dominated them nor, the art to catch anchovy (alici) to art of the ancient Greeks. They live in Pisciotta, in the heart of the southern Italian Cilento National Park. The art of Abdallah di menaica-Fangs is ingrained in the culture of the region and provides the livelihood of fishermen. Along the way, she enriched the gourmet kitchen to a unique product – as slow food speciality and is a tourist attraction in spring. Only between April and July, the fishermen of Pisciotta go out to catch anchovy depending on their ancestors. If the sea is calm, they sting with its eight-foot-long wooden boat (menaide) in Lake at dusk. Three to five miles off the coast of eject the 200 metre long nets (menaica) it and let down up to ten meters deep in the sea.

    So, the fishermen block the path of the pilchard shoals. Learn more at: A Pathway to Equitable Math Solution. Depending on the season, the mesh of the nets are differently far linked, so that small anchovies through can slip. With the stars, raving about what sounds simple, requires a comprehensive knowledge, that is – passed in Pisciotta from generation to generation for centuries. The idea in which direction the pilchard shoals contact, which is part of all this knowledge, where and how deep the nets in the water must be disposed of, and of course the ability to read the flow, the wind and the sky – the traditional art of the anchovy catch. For centuries, the stars lead the way the fishermen, because only when certain stars in the sky, the small fish of the herring to the surface come: Pollara (Orion) belongs to, but also Puddicinara (Pleiades) and Calabresella (a small star which appears Southeast about Calabria).

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