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    Parking provider recommends a quick booking with the start of the summer holiday demand again after parking at the airport. Often there are mainly families who now need a parking space near the airport. In many locations, the airport parking spaces are therefore already well booked. The company of Airparks airport parking offers its customers at the locations Frankfurt/Main, Munich, Hanover and Dusseldorf. It thus represents an alternative to the car park of the airport. At some destinations are only a few free parking spaces at the peak tourist season.

    Especially at Airparks Hanover and Frankfurt, it will narrow until mid-July. Siegfried Brandl, Operations Manager of the Airparks parking in Frankfurt, sees the huge demand for cheap airport parking as a signal of a well-functioning concept: “The demand shows us, that we are offering our service as well as with our company’s philosophy on the right track.” The summer holidays start in Lower Saxony, mid-July, but nearly all are far Capacity parking exhausted. In August but are still parking in bookings. The Airparks parking at Frankfurt airport, however, are already fully booked for some dates in early July. Later in the month, but again, ample parking is available. However, the parking lot operator for the entire summer months across anticipates a good load of airport parking at Frankfurt airport. And also for the week the day of German unity, 3 October, a large demand for airport parking is expected. Bookings under is therefore recommended.

    The summer holidays have already begun in North Rhine-Westphalia. The Park capacity is already well filled out at the airport of Dusseldorf. Very little parking space available mainly from mid-July to mid-August. Vacation in Bavaria start until end of July and go to the 10th of September. The Airparks Munich is therefore already well busy from mid-July to mid-August. But still some plots are currently available. An early booking ensures the customers a convenient parking space at the airport.

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