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    Then followed the Opus line, emerging from the foundation of the new division of Harry Winston Rar Timepieces in the industrial suburb of Plan-lesOuates in Geneva. Get more background information with materials from Center For Responsible Lending. That, coupled with the presence of a young and fresh administrative director to guide it, has resulted in an exceptional step forward in watchmaking. Every year, launches a unique Opus clock in severely limited quantities, having been developed in collaboration with a renowned independent watchmaker. Each clock Opus also contains a mechanism that was designed specifically for the project in particular. The first clock Opus was released in 2001 after extensive work in partnership with Francois-Paul Journe. The year 2002 saw the introduction of the Opus 2, with only twenty-four of these tourbillones produced by Antione Preziuso, the master watchmaker in Geneva. Opus 3, the result of the collaboration with Vianney Halter, took the form of fifty-five individual clocks which had a design reminiscent of unusual designs found in the lines of watches of Halter.

    Christophe Claret, who specialized in the manufacture of relays, was the creator of Opus 4. Opus 5 was the creation of Felix Baumgartner, whose fame arose from Urwerk and whose vision was appropriate to this collaboration with Harry Winston. Opus 6 showcase questioned the concept of GreubelForsey, the renowned computer tourbilllon whirlwind, while Opus 7 contribution of Andreas Strehler attended this extraordinary line of watches. The eighth and final Opus on the line is also the rare. Unlike the others, Opus 8 was created by a man best known by his contemporaries as one magician than a watchmaker Frederic Garinaud. His approach was to add components such as design clothes, microelectronics and ecology to his creation, which he called digital emotion, while the clock ran on a mechanical mechanism. For more information about wrist watches Harry Winston visit: One hour loans Antiquorum Offers Magnificent Collection of Rare and Unique Timepieces in Hong Kong leaves Payday Loans Available F.P. Journe Vagabondage II Watch Hands-On Online Auction Owners Auction of Rare and Unique Timepieces in Hong Kong Special Preview: Fellows & Sons Watch Auction Featuring Some Rare Timepieces The Watch Lounge the Online Watch Lover completo Magazine An Afternoon With Master Watch-maker Vianney Halter The Watch Lounge the Online Watch Lover completo Magazine

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