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    Sensational, overwhelming attendance at the last OMExpo 2011 edition. Nothing substantial figure of 8,600 visitors, controlled by own lathes of IFEMA, has been the number of professionals who have attended East event held in Madrid on 16 and 17 March. Markarte marketing director us summarized in few words: I wanted to approach me, I didn’t know very well if I could interest me as much as the advertising hype that I have received from the event in my e-mail, but after being there I think that I could not make a better decision.Markarte, agency marketing and communication that uses technology as usual and daily part of his work wanted to verify the new tools, the most innovative solutions and decidedly found them at the fair. From now on, Markarte will begin to use other new options of great interest in online marketing to your customers. Congratulations to the Organization, exhibitors and the great interest shown by all attendees to the online marketing sector finally in our country.

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