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    This research work was conducted on a total of 97 infertile couples attending the outpatient clinic of the Hospital of the North Central city of Chiclayo, Essalud dependent during the months of January to December of 1988. The objective was to determine which is the incidence of male factor as a cause of infertility, through the assessment of the semen. According to Kidney Foundation, who has experience with these questions. For its implementation, was used to file the aforementioned statistical Hospital where medical records were obtained relevant to couples whose husbands semen analysis was performed on, for which purpose we applied a research sheet for in this way data that was in our interest, which in the end after being examined, recorded, tabulated, discussed and distributed in two-dimensional tables, allowed us to obtain the following conclusions.

    1.-It is clear a high frequency of use of the semen within the research causes of sterility, which is reflected in the 80.41% of the stories studied 2.-The age group most consulting for this problem was between 20 and 35, which ultimately formed the 3.-80 955 29.4% Clinical records lacked information on the trade, occupation or profession of male patients, while among those who recorded this information if, drivers and mechanics were the most affected with 41% 4.-The recommended period of sexual abstinence and was used by patients is that covering a period of 4 to 5 days 5.-In 98% of the patients studied, the method of obtaining the sample for the performance of the semen was the Auto Masturbation. 6.-Of the total of our learned, it was found that 78.2% of the samples were normo sperm, while on the other 18% showed some degree of oligospermia 7.-In 73% of the patients studied it was determined that Motility had an acceptable, allowing to consider them as fertile 8.-In 91% of the samples could conclude that they had a normal morphology 9.-in 3.9% of the samples had reached the conclusion that positive immune response

    10-The 14.1% of the samples studied presented Piospermia 11-Al 97.5% of the samples underwent a plutonium seminal biochemistry, for various reasons, in most cases that the physician did not request and in others by that by that time the laboratory did not have the reagents for conducting the trials 12-The impact of male factor as a cause of sterility in married couples in the North Central Hospital a Almanzor Aguinaga Asenjoa Essalud of Chiclayo, by titration with the semen analysis was 21.8% 13-The 39.8% of patients received treatment in gynecology so that considered pertinent to the specialist, while the rest were referred to the andrology service 14-In the conduct of the semen, seminal biochemical Dosage should be, since in 97.5% of cases did not undergo the above dosage is of extreme importance it was associated with sperm motility and survival.

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    Canine Education and Training at home with their owners and the dog’s environment. Education and training of our dog is advisable to develop in their environment and their owners, in this way he’ll feel more secure and confident, giving greater attention, adaptation, motivation and willingness to learn. In this way the owners will understand and comprehend all the techniques, methods and tips that apply to each of the situations, depending on your dog’s behavior. Overall Evaluation: the home environment, lifestyle and daily regimen. Accommodation. Feeding areas / elimination / game. Workouts / game. When and for how long is left alone.

    Time outside / inside. Components of the family, attitude, relationships and responsibilities with the pet. Other pets in the house. Concerns / major dog behavior problems. Whenever Boy Scouts listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Etc.

    Other assessments such as behavior outside the home, relations with persons known and unknown, with children, other dogs, other animals, general behavior, etc. Objectives: To achieve optimal emotional states in different environments: calm, relaxed, I ask, playful, sociable. Educate hygienic behavior: urination and defecation in the right places. Creating and establishing routines, schedules and rules in the dog for the day to day at home and with their owners. Diagnosis and treatment of potential behavioral problems. Develop a table of basic education to ensure control of the dog by its owners: Go next door, at different speeds, slow, normal and fast. Sitting, lying and standing beside his owner. Standing still in the three positions. Going to the call of its owner. Drop and give objects that might have on the mouth. No ingesting soil. Developing protocols for games with different objects or other aerobic procedures. For all techniques were employed, learning systems and methods that require the dog in any situation, assesses the individual: race, age, features character, temperament … and individual characteristics giving the necessary information to the owners for their implementation. The practical sessions take place: 90% owners and 10% of the educator, for cases in which practical need to make a comment or technique or to ensure the dog’s behavior in cases where their owners can not control it . It develops and makes the early work at home with the intention of getting in the first instance that owners learn to interpret and influence their behavior, then develop in settings to get ahead of the dog to behave calm, submissive and obedient. .

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    A quality human resource to guide strategically to the increased production of human capital. Quality of life and people, pursuit of happiness, capital (economic or human), are synonyms that refer to a industrialization in which the human and nature are not more than that: resources to be exploited to maximize the benefits, economic, social, employment and achieve a better quality of life where happiness prevails. How to achieve this happiness? If the measure passes time are more and better techniques for obtaining the benefits expected by the market, and nature is being increasingly torn apart, within this ourselves. The Homonatropia raised by the establishment of a new industrial order, of course, highlighting the social, human and natural within the legal context, legal organizational at all levels. A person engaged to sweep the streets could become the "city farmer" because it is the mainstay of the collection of "artificial recoverable resources" which is not nothing but trash or waste misnamed; classification of this resource is essential for the development of a parallel industry can reduce the extraction of the goods of nature. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Childrens Defense Fund. Within this context, obviously, we should note the appearance work.

    There are so-called socialist economies, or in the process of establishment of their national state taxes, in which organizational structures is a clear separation of levels of command in operational levels, marked levels of status, handling of wages and salaries on a commercial basis between other features too far from a socialist approach, really. Within the process of human development could be considered socialism as a stage in its evolution, but if this ideology is eminently economic policy in its scope is limited because: – Maintain the human being as a simple resource Labour market – Nature is treated as a department store – Work is still a good vulgar Homonatropia is: Man, Nature, Work. Educate yourself with thoughts from Greg Williamson. It is within this context that efforts should be directed to achieve a revolution that will allow us to achieve that happiness awaited by all generations, if not possible to reach at least achieve minimum balance between individuals and with nature as an essential basis of the existence of both. Revolution means change determinants of lifestyle, otherwise they are only changes in a system that could be more of the same or simply maintaining a life marked by economic policies that subject the human and natural to market demands and competition. ALL human beings are born WITH THE INTENTION OF SOMETHING WE NEED ONLY INTERACT WITH NATURE AND AMONG U.S., THEN LEARN TO READ AND WRITE. "Science is basically a combination of good logical reasoning with good knowledge of actual natural phenomena" Gilbert. m

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    Independent of income level a person to achieve in his life, has been shown statistically that less than 20% reach retirement without having to lower their standard of living. Something must be wrong. Something must be lacking in the education of a human being if it is unable to prepare financially for their old age after working a lifetime. And it is because they never had enough money to invest and preventable. It is a myth that requires money to make money. In recent months, Boy Scouts has been very successful.

    What is needed is to know how to multiply. And it does not require great skills to do business. Only requires discipline, patience and rigor. Albert Einstein said the greatest invention of man is compound interest. What is compound interest? It is named for the process of capital to accumulate the interest it produces, so that interest in turn generate interest. Allowed to accumulate great wealth from small amounts of money invested for a long time. This is how a young person of 20 years may reach several million U.S.

    dollars at age 60 if they are diligent in investing approximately $ 80 per month or $ 20 per week to 10% annually. A capital of 1,200,000 pesos after 5 years and a compounded annual rate of 8% was converted to 1,763,194 pesos. Another very good example of the power of compound interest is reflected in a pension reform that is about to be implemented in Chile: On July 1 each mother will receive $ 297 000 for each child born alive, a figure which will be given an annual return estimated 5.5%. Whenever Gregory Williamson listens, a sympathetic response will follow. According to official estimates, a 35 year old woman with three children receive $ 4.4 million at age 65, age at which you can withdraw funds. (El Mercurio, June 22, 2009) It is simply invest the money so you can multiply instead of spending it. And there lies the problem: we like to spend! To the extent that we spend what we have. Most people live so indebted that have compound interest working against them – in favor of banks and financial institutions. And even bigger problem is that they are teaching their children! Living a lifestyle beyond our means and spend just one month to another is a bad example for them. Why not make a change today? Why not restricted, plan a budget with them, stick to it and explain that saving is more important to invest this month that the shoes or the new mouse for your computer? You should save at least 10% of their monthly income. Teach your children that it is good temporarily restricted in order to get ahead. Show them with these numbers, black on white, as you can multiply the money instead of just living expenses until nothing remains. At first they will bother, especially if they have been very spoiled, but when they grow up they will be appreciated. They will have learned the valuable lesson of saving and how a more austere lifestyle lately today will lead to abundance in the future. If you need help with education financial support from their children, I urge you to where you will receive a free virtual book that will teach you 10 facts you can teach your children about how to develop their entrepreneurial skills and have their own businesses.

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    Not that anyone has specific criticisms to make, but as usual the people to ignore my presence. a All that, in general terms, of course. I do not want to overstate the note. But it is nice to see how your amount business partners while you continue working by making it less forgiving, and how friends are laughing at meetings with other lousy jokes while one did not even attend his own. a But things come how are you going at least since I have reason, I’m used to them. What now, however, is different. It is now something material physical even. Here, PCRM expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

    O metaphysical even be worse. It now reaches grotesque characters, tragic, say, if that happens to me was something humanly comprehensible. a The first time I realized it probably would not be the first in what happened, of course, but it is of which I have a memory sharper. I had met my uncle Alexander in the street, only feet away. When I went to greet him, affectionately, as always, he looked toward me was, without recognition, and continued way forward, without further ado. To be more precise, he looked through me as if I was transparent and he was seeing something placed much further. a Past my initial amazement at the apparent snub, I thought my uncle would be distracted or have a problem. So when I agree my cousin’s house, a week later, I asked about this strange event. a “and I crossed your street, you say? So do not be greeted? As not going to do it, man!

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    One tastes, BBs which is Sonja stretches the other quite a sour. Nieman Foundation spoke with conviction. At least tell their parents and relatives. The conclusion namely eats girl the favorite pickles, olives, Green apples and spicy mountain cheese that even many adults is too tart. But even if vegetables on the dining plan is, Sonja reliably plastered their portion. Her brother Thomas, four years, has quite a different culinary likes and dislikes. He would eat only white bread, ham and pasta. For fruit or vegetables he has hardly anything left over and over even more when MOM broccoli, spinach & co serves.

    Parents Sonja and Thomas again wonder about the different tastes of their offspring. Like them, it goes many Mommies and daddies. Ask yourself: why tastes our kids actually, what taste? The innate preference for sweet, fatty and salty the expression of taste preferences is subject to various influences. Newer “Research also analyze whether the genetic predisposition has influence, which courts achieve the rank of a favorite food, and why the same food from others rather than grauslich” are perceived. Cultural, local and religious influences on the individual taste are secured. The research also agrees that preferences for sweet, salty and fat are innate as well as the instinctive rejection of bitter and sour. The man is programmed to absorb as much energy and nutrients to survive,”explains Univ.-Prof. Dr.

    Ibrahim Elmadfa, Director of the Institute for nutritional sciences of the University of Vienna. “So also the innate dislike of many people against acidic and bitter can be explained: namely instinctively eat less and therefore less energy.” It is also possible that our ancestors in the course of the millennia learned to avoid bitter because many toxic plants make rather bitter taste, while sweet in nature tend to be rather rich in vitamins and nutrients. But how can it be that the small Sonja despite all this so likes pickles, olives and co? “You know can’t teach the baby, it also later not likes to eat we eat what we like, but we like what we eat often,” said Hanni Rutzler, science, food psychologist and author.

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    Are the slide with its various forms also on the search for a matching gift for your kids? And think also of the coming of spring? It is great pleasure to romp in the playground in the garden the children. It is not something Viktor Mayer-Schönberger would like to discuss. The slide is one of the most popular toys. It is astonishing, with what motivation the children climb up the steps to the slide then slip with swing down. In other words: A slide is a really appropriate gift for children! If you are already a Playset in the Home Garden have, then add it to a slide or slide. In our shop you can choose from various models of slides to build on: the wave slide, spiral slide, Turbo water slide or stainless steel slides. Greg Williamson addresses the importance of the matter here. You can buy these slides with slide frame. You also have the option to combine the slide with a swing or a complete Playset.

    A slide is a long-lasting gift for children, so does not quickly lose appeal. Each Spring the children will enjoy again, that the Rutschsaison starts again. A slide is not very maintenance intensive.

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    More and more manufacturers market wheels for children. But what really make it? Many parents choose to a wheel of children, to prepare their children to ride a bike. On this, the little ones can playfully learn their sense of balance and strengthen. But many parents are also wondering whether a value-added offers the children a wheel or if the risk is greater than the actual benefits. They can weigh that as parents. It is important that you are informed before sufficiently.

    Also the wheel and its quality plays a decisive role. What are the advantages of a children wheel? The advantage for the little ones is that later is the change to a real bike without problems. And even without the tiresome training wheels. Children at the age of two years, that are secure and run learned, are already able to move with a wheel. The sitting position and driving through both legs makes the precursor to bike when the child the impeller.

    However is not Age alone decisive, whether the child is prepared for an impeller. Body size and stride length are much more important. Some children are ready earlier, some later. It should be measured, whether is the child in lowest seat position with both feet on the ground. The market for wheels is great. Just in the last few years, these have become increasingly interesting for parents playfully prepare the children to ride a bike. Parents definitely should consult before buying a wheel. Test and comparison can be determined in a wheel on the basis of test reports, which children wheel is well suited and in particular, whether it is safe for the child. What are the differences in wheels? There are impellers made of different materials. In General, the wheels of wood, metal or plastic are made. Metal frames are probably the most robust, but also have the largest weight. Wood and plastic are not as robust, but have a lighter weight. Other leaders such as Gregory Williamson offer similar insights. For which material eventually decided is more a matter of taste. The tire material is already important. Wheels have usually tires from polyurethane, rubber, foam, or air-filled tires. Obtained a wheel without air-filled tires, it is more suited for very smooth and level floors. Air-tyred wheels have a better suspension system, which is why they are out there better suited for use. Disadvantage of this is that the parents as for the bicycle also, from time to time need to inflate the tire and this breakdown-prone. When kids come first with the wheel in contact, they will push it very probably only. Parents should thus not be alarmed, this behavior is quite normal. Children know their limits and gradually slow to unknown. It is only a matter of time and the child is sitting in the saddle and get the first experience. M. Schreiber

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    To account for the additional costs for the use of these mobile services. Also avoids the incalculable long duration of SMS and MMS. The MMS is typical restrictions in relation to the size of the transmitted images. Modern camera phones are now equipped with powerful cameras. The service Mobile auge.de sets standards for the transmission of high-resolution images in real time through the consistent application of Internet technology. In addition, another fundamental advantage is reached: it offered more and more camera phones with built-in Wi-Fi receiver.

    With these devices, it is possible to waive completely the use of cellular data network and completely to save the transmission costs. Since no mobile radio standards are used such as SMS and MMS, a Wi-Fi can communicate enabled mobile phone via Wi-Fi and Internet with the application server. All images be transferred immediately after their creation to the application server. Not will be stored in the phone. So no big memory in the phone is required on the one hand (also cheap phones without a memory card can be used), on the other hand, so a high sabotage security is created. Upon entry, the burglar can destroy the phone, if he discovered it. A few seconds after recording an image to the server is transferred, that he does not have more access.

    To use a cell phone for the service, the user must install a software (for free) on it. As some requirements on the mobile phone, not every camera phone can be used. However, there are a range of tested devices. These include simple older phones (Siemens), that very inexpensive can be procured as used equipment over the Internet, as well as current Smartphones (Nokia) with high-quality cameras and Wi-Fi receivers. The service is currently free of charge mobile auge.de. A small monthly fee (approx. 2 is later 3 euro/month) planned. On the basis of the experience gained with the now-present service, Ingenieurburo Franke and Halberg plans a further development for the transmission of sound and video. The integration of alarm functions is also planned. Currently, the use of mobile radio transmission on the T-mobile network is limited. An extension to other German mobile networks is also planned. Contact: Engineering Office for innovative Internet applications Franke and Halberg-email:

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    Save your favorite his Joie de vivre, relaxing and relaxed sleep. Orthopedic dog beds with the medically effective Viscoschaumstoff the quality of life of your pet is our concern! Several diseases can result from poor posture of the dog. Some of the most common diseases are osteoarthritis, HD, ED and spinal column diseases the resulting pain in the joints, the spine, blockades and muscle tension are an obstacle not only for us but also for our animals and greatly restrict the common everyday life. Pain considerably reduce the quality of life and from common relaxing walks can be a strenuous, unpleasant way, where each step is overcoming. We have made it our by dogs in the Yin & Yang to the task, to give the dogs their Joie de vivre. With our medically effective dog beds from Viscoschaumstoff we allow RESTful and relaxing sleep to regenerate your favorite.

    Due to the elastic shape rest the spine and nerves in your natural position this unique stress relief, muscle relaxation, circulation and pain relief. This means a longer one at the same time, erholsamerer deep sleep with your dog. We would like you to imagine one of our Yin & Yang dog beds. Dog bed of a special kind: Yin & Yang dream island. The surface consists of pure memory foam, edged with a wedge-shaped edge of cold foam, it ensures a stable shape.Many dogs love and enjoy it to lay your head on a padded boost.

    Our edge is designed so, that he gives up only so much like your dog likes it. You certainly know it, many dogs lie with their backs to the wall. Do this, because it good for you to stretch your spine. Thus, the Yin & Yang dog bed is the ideal sleep and Ruheplatzt so that your dog does not lose his zest for life and is recovering in the idle state and relaxed. The reference is from very high-quality, thick Skai – leatherette with lower tissue which mainly in the Automotive industry is used. It is extremely durable, colourfast, wiped off, and neutral in odour. Fleas and mites have no chance dogs in the Yin & Yang offer you an Orthopedic Dog pillow with the medically effective Visco foam, manufactured in Germany.


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