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    Change your mind and change your life all of us have the choice poderde. I can choose to be rich, and I do that every day choice. You are about to embark on this programme of work / study because you want to change your life. But before you change your life, you need to change your mind. Your thoughts and beliefs are very deeply rooted, so rooted that they are not even aware of what you have given shape to its financial problems. If somebody protects his hope of financial freedom, it is its self-consciousness. It intends to carry out an inventory of their attitudes. You will learn what that help and what are that prevents it.

    And under the influence and guidance of Papa Rico, you’ll find a lot of new ideas that have the power to go in a different direction, the road to financial freedom. Whether or not this way it depends on you. Council rich Dad money is just an idea. When looking in a mirror, what it does is whisper? Do rebukes himself with comments like: I’m with? overweight and I’m getting old? A mirror reflects much more than your eyes what you see. A mirror reflects your inner thoughts and your beliefs, your soul. Listen to the thoughts that come from your soul. Are they negative? You never embark is on the road to wealth if you leave the thoughts of this type to restrict it. Council of Papa Rico not there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come, and there is nothing more vulnerable than someone who is still thinking with old ideas. Negativity: A well-known figure in the political world after a flattering phrase of negativism was coined to refer to negative people usually. People conjures any number of excuses to not choose the richness, the excuses that say more about their internal thoughts that by the difficulty of achieving wealth.

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