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    Practical the pedagogical ones used for the educator in relation to the blockade and immobilization of the autonomy of the pupil harm the educational process. To teach is not to transfer knowledge, but to create the possibilities for its construction. It is important to respect the knowledge of the pupil, therefore it also is a basic participant in the teach-learning process. To educate is as to live, to block the autonomy is to disable the life, allowing only the survival of educating. The theoretical knowledge must be lined up with the practical application, not separating the practical one of the theory, the authority of the freedom, the ignorance of knowing, the respect to the professor of the respect to the pupils and teaching of learning. The adopted educational methodology in the pedagogia of the autonomy has its foundation constructed for the ethics, for the respect to the dignity and the autonomy of educating, becoming the essential ethics for the work of the professor, being an indispensable tool for the educational activity. To teach is not exclusive activity of professor and to learn is not something only it pupil, does not exist to teach without learning, who teaches learns when teaching and who learns teaches learning, therefore teaching if it learns and learning if it teaches.

    This conjecture horizontally places the professor harmonized with the pupil, making possible its participation in the process of construction of the knowledge, promoting the creation of a climate of reciprocal respect and of disciplines healthful enters the authority of the professor and the freedom of autonomy of educating. They are necessary abilities for educator, the capacity to develop through research, critical, curiosidades and questionings, being guided its pupils to follow the same metodolgica line, relating the knowledge acquired with the reality of the way where they live. To search it is necessary to know to think, to know to think is to doubt its proper certezas, to question its truths, one of the conditions essential to think themselves certain is not to be excessively certain of its certezas.

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