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    Inside propositions in the learning process of Piaget can find that balance this mediated by three levels of hierarchically organised which entail consecutively to more complex levels, proposes that the balance between assimilation and accommodation this mediated by the balance between the constructs of the subject and its external world, as second level proposes that it establishes between the own constructs of the subject and finally balance between integration hierarchical differentiated schemes that demarcate a mental stability (well, 1996). According to Marti (2005) Piaget establishes that the first step for the development begins with the internalization generated from external reality, which generates the passage of sensorio-motora intelligence to the intelligence representative. The passage of the sensorio-motora intelligence intelligence representative has large implications according to the theory of Piaget (Marti, 2005). When interpreting the polarities extrapolated from some more recent interpretations as described by Uribe, V. & Lopez, H. (2008) where the internalization and externalization is reflected in the dilemma ambiente-naturaleza, understanding nature in the conceptions of Piaget as the biological structures which are in the foreground and make representations of external through the internal cognitive mechanisms (Piaget, 1964) reality. Thus mediated by learning development is constituted on the basis of the biological mechanisms in direction in-out (Marti, 2005). According to this, the biological is not modified by the context and the construction of the learning part of the individual mediated conditions specific, this internalization of learning and all its implications in interpreting the Piagetiana theory of development has a big impact, for which Piaget conceives of development as an ongoing process where thought is derived from the action which is born the interiorized action that goes to General aspects of the human being. Key concepts for understanding the concept of development proposed by Piaget is necessary to interpret some of the key concepts of his theory: assimilation refers to the way how a subject reacts to a stimulus, an example of this is when a baby begins to breastfeed directly from his mother, here incorporates a representative schema; the accommodation is the schema as is modification in response to the environment, which is mediated by assimilation, for example when the baby is fed through a feeding bottle perceives that it requires another different technique to the suck the breast of his mother; in the balance is seen as the subjected ago assimilated information organization, the balance comes after the baby has already incorporated a new scheme and has no difficulties to suck from the bottle; schema are representable and repetitive actions that set up images and become a fixed pattern of behavior, an example of this is found in the mental representation that infante’s meaning has amantar a bottle or breast of its progenitor (Piaget, 1964).

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