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    Having direct influence in the cost of the process and the product and, over all, in the satisfaction of the customer. (EXPRESS FIAT 1999) In the next item emphasis to the organizacional evolution of the productive process inside of the assembly plant will be given, through data compiled in the periodic one destined to the employees FIAT, in already cited reviewed commemorative of the 100 years and also through direct constatao from visit carried through in the assembly plant. 3.3 – Development Organizacional de Trabalho in the FIAT In this text, will be presented, of synthetic form, the evolutivos steps of the productive organization inside of the FIAT. This synthesis will be based on the stories published in periodic the special one of July of 1999, distributed the employees, who destined to the commemoration of the centenarian of the plant. In accordance with the above-mentioned one, in the 1899 gone ones, the plant FIAT had its first situated installation in the city of Turim. Its first 150 laborers acted in a space of twelve a thousand square meters, in half-artisan and almost military regimen. With the uninterrupted increase of the productivity, if he made necessary to at the time reorganize the productive model through the rigid spread out rules of the taylorismo, between them..

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