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    The Social Service comes together with if modifying and evolving the man. Throughout the years, and since its sprouting it is a profession characterized for attenuating the problematic ones of the social life and comes if reconstructing in last the four decades to act interventivamente of form to face the multiple faces of the social matter, searching to reduce the social disparidades, transformed into object of work of the social assistant. This profession demands of its professionals formation technique, ethics and politics, orienting itself for a Law of Professional Regulation and a Code of ethics. All this knowledge and academic formation provides to the student the theoretical construction of the profession that are basic to the formation of its professional personality where the criteria inherent theoreticians-metodolgical to the profession are correlated, as well as in other professions, its theoretician-practical questions that they contemplate the ideological dimensions and politics of the professional formation, that must be based on the ethical questions. The social assistant is the formulator agent of the necessary strategies for the elaboration, execution, planning and evaluation of public politics, as well as the assessorship the social and popular movements, amongst others. In this manner, we perceive the social assistance as a set of action that they aim at to take care of the most varied social demands, desmificando themselves and if moving away from the conception of assistencialismo, charity or benevolence, that long ago were loaded, carrying itself to the category of Rights as Constitution 1988 swore it supported that it under the tripod of the Social security. With passing of the years the social assistant if has detached as the professional most qualified to elaborate and to execute politics of social welfare, fitting the same to promote one better insertion of individuals, families and groups in the societies socioeconmica where they live, searching in proper participants the solution or the minimizao of the social problems affect that them.

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