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    As I have already forty-four years, two Herniated discs, married in second marriage, a son, and some published papers, I have decided to share this lame Decalogue which accompanies me everywhere. Before you sit down to write you sweep the House and water the plants. You can start to do so even before breakfast or before your first drink, but never before sweeping the House and watering the plants. It uses a little comfortable chair. No ergonomic products, Italian designs or reclining artifacts. Boy Scouts of America spoke with conviction. Always ensure you some discomfort. A comfortable body writes comfortable things.

    When you write fiction you read poetry, when scribes poetry read narrative. When not scribes nothing walks. Walking is the sport of the writers. Never correct too. How much is too much? No matter, he continues, corrects. But correct is not removing or polishing, it is to find something. Correct is not matter of couturiers but detectives.

    If you write about the city get as if it were the field, if you write about the field get as if it were the city. If you write committed books get as if they were books on Swedish (bubok.se), Norwegian (bubok.no) books or books in Portuguese (bubok.pt). When you do not write anything, walk, get sport. Read only what is necessary and writes only the essentials. That translated to the aberrant language of writers to say: read everything you can and write without stopping. Never say what you’re writing. Never say you’re going to publish a book. Nor tell otherwise. That’s what they are social networks. You always get this question: why devils do this?. Each year renews your answer. Each month if possible. This will develop your muscles more than sport. Flee from the truth of the plague. The truth is the scab of your book. She loves the lie. To it you must. You consagras to it. Lies, lies always

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