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    Questionnaires can get background information for further planning and rational organization of harvesting wild products: removal of the radius of the plantations, the personal consumption of the population, the degree of forest land use to rural and urban populations, the availability of surplus products, the channels for their implementation, as well as other information. In analyzing the development of procurement plans take into account: the land fund in section of land and land area by area, the resources of individual products (operating margin, the potential annual volume of blanks according to academic and other institutions carrying out the work) as well an opportunity to clean the pads on the equipment for cleaning pillows, planned and actual procurement of selected products by region, sales volumes of wild fruits, berries and mushrooms in cities and villages to farm markets, the collection and use of wild fruits, berries, mushrooms, people's personal needs; harvests products trading and procurement systems, the population served by consumer co-operatives in areas with the release of the number of students, pensioners, the state of logistics procurement, including the number and priemozagotovitelnyh gribovarochnyh items equipment for primary processing of raw materials, number of suppliers who harvest wild fruits, berries and mushrooms. Need cleaning pads. However, in practice, mainly in developing plans, guided by the achieved level of preparations for the last period and the planned pace of change. This practice justify procurement plans wild often leads to significant deviations from the actual volumes targets, reducing the harvest of selected products in some areas and not always enhances the development of resources in a difficult position of planning harvesting of wild products. In most potrebsoyuzov procurement plans with drug-technical plants are brought to lower levels in almost all the approved nomenclature. As a result, difficult to perform tasks, violated terms of the collection. The level of procurement wild products related to the implementation of measures to stimulate an increase in the collection. These include the increase in purchase prices, selling collectors items of high demand, the introduction of devices and mechanisms for logging and primary processing of raw materials, the use of vehicles off-road, the approach of adoptive Ppunktov to massive commercial value..

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