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    And a hat with wide brim can not even get comfortable in the seat. Have to sit on stand still, straighten your back on the ticker and do not move your head – so as not to catch anything fields shlyapy. trip is a continuous torture, and fatigue accumulates very quickly – it is impossible to relax, have only failed to move the seat as a restraint right there will carry a hat, and she, of course, will fall most unfortunate way, closing the review. But okay, leave aside the hat with a brim. Take a winter fur hat. Warmly, cozy, soft, comfortable, a review does not cover from head did not fall.

    All is well. Except for one thing – she closes her ears! Trifle? Driving a car is not carried out his ears, the traffic situation is estimated by eye, and closed at the sight ears are not affected – so? Nearly so. That way at 80 percent – so much information gets a driver with the help of sight. But the remaining 20% of the information – at the expense of hearing. Engine knock can not see, you need to hear exactly the same you can not see a signal from another car, the whistle of brake pads and so on. Man are his ears, and they need to use, especially in extreme situations. A driving – it's sheer desire to avoid the the most extreme situations, and experienced, skilled driver – someone who appreciates the road environment as the right way to foresee the actions of other road users to keep wide-open eyes and ears, and this allows him to bring the car from point A to point B without incident, moreover, it looks like a routine, quiet process.

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