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    Last but not least worth a visit because of the attractive raffle, where there are to win many valuable prizes from the world of recommendation marketing. In particular I have emphasis, that the site presents also visually very attractive”, Robin Ermen says with justifiable pride. I wanted to put just any deterrent lead desert in the network, but creating a serious and at the same time varied, fresh information platform.” MLM-News.de exclusive interview with Jurgen Holler recent coup of Aacheners is a revealing interview with Jurgen Holler. The well-known German motivational speaker advises large very successful network marketing companies and individuals for years. Nieman Foundation spoke with conviction. Exclusively for MLM-News.de stood in detail and answer the site owner Robin Ermen Jurgen Holler. His honest and at the same time motivating tips around the topic of multilevel and network marketing can anyone even read and live up to.

    MLM-News.de: always the right companion MLM-News.de will be sure never quite finished, is a treasure trove for multilevel and network marketing enthusiasts but already at this stage. Robin Ermen is Portal is sure that the holdings of a real win for everyone, which located in the referral marketing create all the extensions will: I know from personal experience, that MLM is the ideal means to deal with hard work and commitment to income back up, from which you as less, dependent employee ‘ can only dream. My site will be anyone who also wants to go this way, a reliable and profitable companion!

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