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    Keeping in mind all you know about the man and remembering what mentioned above, you are already slightly "Savvy." Do not be alarmed: "last gift" is always a gift. You can resort to the options on the first occasion, but remember: the people, for which the gift is a very sensitive (Sensitive) period of his life. Be very careful in his statements, and choice: the gift you can change the state of human health If this state does not allow quite extreme, even this minimum massage, or just your hero does not like new experiences and the experiences of this kind, you can refer to another idea. Need to collect video highlights of this man's life, mount them and make inetersny film. If such No video – you can contact a specialist company which will draw a flash cartoon with your friend or girlfriend. In this case, the entire gift will fit in most compact flash memory card, which is especially important if a person leaving for good.

    In general, good thing I was podsmotrena in one film. I do not remember what it was called, but is not the point. Two seriously ill old man made a list of what you do not have time to make a living, and n-o-n-e-m-n-o-r-y, line-by- line crossed out done, respectively, fulfilling their desires. Gavin Baker oftentimes addresses this issue. I suggest you take a chance: to help draw up a list and take part in the incarnation formulated desires. This experience may be sufficient extreme and useful for the development of your personality. At some level, I think, then you can pretty "pomudret, become more sensitive and spiritual But we must remember: not everyone is willing to accept such a gift.

    And, in general, possibly as a gift to a person may be quite hard. If he accepted the inevitable, then everything is seen calmly, as a given. But if a person is in a stage of denial, aggression with respect to situation, should be very careful. And the best gift I think it will help him take over the world, what it is: just world, without a "good" and "bad". Understand themselves and help to understand him: "Who is the master who makes grass green? "If you do not uspevete participate in the implementation of this list: – Contribute to its development, offer or give a beautiful book desires. You can also present as a farewell gift thing will inspire people and open up new horizons for him: the film, a book, a scroll with the motto, picture Of course, not desirable to give some specific things: vases, paintings, For other utensils. In this situation, however was not helpful gift, he is completely irrelevant. Most likely, people : in fact, later this thing will be reminded of the last party with the man now, not with them Remember that the "first" and "last" has tremendous value. Let go your imagination in flight, rejoicing loved ones, making them happy. Even if this "joint happiness" – the last time!

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