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    To incarnate ' ' pele' ' of the Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or any another one vedeta. Who never dreamed in being one of these players, who make of the ball what they want and well them apetece? clearly, all the fame and money that from there advm& Already many will certainly have thought about this, but only one form exists to be (more) close to carrying through this desire, the games of consoles. This will be the only chance to know virtually, despite, what it is to be one of them. However, still thus it will have to be to its better level and to obtain really to win all the adversaries, therefore contrary case nor valley the penalty to start to dream. The victory is the only thing that interests! It is unanimous in the Europe, America and diverse other countries of the continent remains, that the soccer is ' ' o' ' sport, was not this what more practicing it has in the whole world, either the professional or amateur level. Therefore, it is not also to find odd that the soccer games are born as ' ' cogumelos' ' in each esquina, not being Internet one exception, being able in it to meet multiple versions of the games that appear daily. They are mere departures of great penalties or same complete games, has for all the gostos, being that the most complicated it is to opt to one or another one, even though the preferences go here to dictate which to choose. Of between some possible alternatives, the only point that is certain mentions the diversion to it obtained with these games, that many times pass for humiliating the adversaries with fenomenais defeats, golos impressive and, whenever allowed, to make those rigid lacks to make to enter the stretcher in field, without if it receives at least a card therefore.

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