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    To keep your list of fans in constant increase and you all keep visiting your blog you should make a habit update your blog frequently (daily is best) when you register at places such as Yahoo, Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Uses the name that you want to be make famous, which means that you will put your name and you will use this name in all places on the Internet that very soon there will be thousands of people watching it. According to Professor of Internet Governance, who has experience with these questions. Very soon people will begin to associate your name with someone you know and begin to recommend you as a friend. You must respond to any comment or message that you send, your want to have good presence and image on the Internet, this will allow you to be very famous, very successful, will allow you to make money online and achieve more fame of what you ever dreamed. You should also start to write articles that help people both in your blog articles directories in some aspect, and take the time to participate in forums to increase your exposure and improve your image. Learn webmasters reading his articles, tips and advice, you’ll need to learn hosting, Internet marketing, development of Web pages and effective communication skills to help you achieve to earn money on the Internet. You will find various products that help you build, manage and succeed with your Web site.

    But it is always better to find a mentor to guide you all the way. There are many resources and free tools that are good to start but have their disadvantages, so sooner or later is always better to buy some better. Become famous, earn money on the Internet and achieve success on the Internet requires investment of all time, monetary, time, effort and above all dedication. There is no magic to make you famous one day for another formula, you want to keep the perspective that 3 to 6 months you can be famous (depending on your effort, dedication and actions) for which there is no need to take shortcuts that in the end will only harm your image, reputation and success. If you are sincere in your desire to become famous, rich and successful on the Internet will have to even do some things that are not used or that scary to do, but the result is worth it, believe me it’s worth it.

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