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    It is necessary to activate the flow of money and thus the money will arrive with greater ease. Many people think that the millionaires give large donations to charitable organizations because they feel guilt for having abundance, that is false and absurd, what actually happens is that these people are aware of how to activate the energy flow of money, on the other hand in their lives we see that people living in poverty saves any object with the idea that it will be used later, what happens here is that everytime I keep something old and useless I’m telling me himself that in the future will not have enough money to get something new and better, while those who claim their abundance botan their things in good condition because they say to themselves themselves that they have enough money for better things, these processes are very subtle, unconsciously practised by people and does not realize that with small acts are creating their own reality. As stated Andrew Corentt in his book I’m happy, I’m rich money is a State of mind and to create in our lives it is necessary to be prepared to receive it, through reading this book you will learn techniques to make your mind you of all the money that you yearn for, in my case, I advise them that they are acquiring habits of plenty if they so wish, the abundant life increases considerably the possibilities of increasing happiness and satisfaction if used correctly, you now know that the fact of self-demand abundance is a big step for achieving it, as well as the power to generate the power to receive.

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