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    For the transport, all referring data the transporters, vehicles and customers also were stored in these fiches, the emissions of documents of any nature were made in typewriters or the hand, process this that, beyond being slow, was not safe. However, according to? Brien (2003), with the advent of techniques of technology of information (YOU) in the companies, the related processes they, also in the area of logistic, total had been modified and automatized. Later, the concept appeared of Material Requirements Planning (MRP), which can be defined as one ' ' technique that allows to determine the necessities of purchases of the materials that will be used in the manufacture of certain produto' ' (MARTINS & ALT, 2002,97). For even more opinions, read materials from Boy Scouts of America. Martins and Alt (2002) also detach the start of the use of the technology to assist in the control of the MRP. From the decade of 80, the logistic one passed to be stimulated by the globalization, in which the companies had started to compete in world-wide scale. The MRP evolved for the Supply Chain Managment (SCM), ' ' administrative concept that integrates the management of the chain of suprimentos' ' (? BRIEN, 2003,198), through the use of YOU to manage the logistic one in a more efficient way. Health organizations may help you with your research. For Aiming (2004), the introduction of the SCM brought a new impulse the logistic one, therefore it left of being treated as a sector the part, and started to work integrated with all the sectors of a company.

    In such a way, the companies had been able, according to? Brien (2003), to cut costs, to increase the profit, to improve its performance next to customers and suppliers, beyond adding value to its services. However, for many companies according to Days (1993), the act to manage all the processes of logistic can be laborious and very custoso. For it, many companies choose to terceirizar certain areas of the logistic one, between them, the transport, either for the modal marine, railroad employee, aerial or road, therefore to acquire and to keep a proper fleet can demand of the company a great investment.

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