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    Much people look for sites of network of paid surveys. It is difficult to find these legitimate sites due to the amount of fraudulent sites that the unique thing that wants is your information to sell it. More info: Dale Atkins, Ph.D.. When she tries herself for the first time to register itself in site of paid surveys first that must be taken into account is the design of his site in network. A site of legitimate network is proud of its site and has an excellent presentation not like which it seems they mounted that it to last hour. A design tuna demonstrates that the owners have spent time and work in their operation and is not looking for a few dollars if not a permanent business. For example if the page only consists of a pair of paragraphs that request your electronic mail to you, it is very probable that it is some type of swindle, avoids east type of sites. Another very important thing when you look for a legitimate company of surveys is that they have a privacy policy to know how exactly they think to protect your information.

    If a site does not have a privacy policy this would have alarmarte and convencerte of which you do not register yourself with them. Since you are going to give them much personal information you must asegurarte that the receiver plans not to use your information. You must asegurarte that your information is not used for subjects that your you do not want is used. Also it looks for, in its policy of privacy, if they guarantee your anonymity. Another thing that you must consider is exactly what is what you want to do in that site. Much people will say that they are in favor there only of the money reason why they will have to register itself in a site that pays in cash. Other sites pay with certificates of gift, points or tickets for drawings. Although the prizes are good if what you look for it is money you only must registrarte in the sites that pay in cash.

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