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    The volunteers of the research had been submitted to the sanguineous examination of total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglicerdeos and ApoA1. For even more analysis, hear from CBC. The examinations had been collected in a laboratory of analyze clinic of Joinville- SC, the samples of blood had been collected jejum after de10 a12h. It was delivers each participants of the research 100g for, so that he is consumed before sleeping, during 21 days. RESULTS AND QUARRELS In the present study had been evaluated 15 participants, had been excluded 9 for absence of data. The etria band of the sample varied between 18 and 45 years, to put the age that prevailed it was of 18 years.

    Amongst the sample of the research, 50% of the studied population were HERE with measures of > 80 cm, indicating a risk to develop cardiovascular illnesses and 50% of the population were with measures of HERE I was presumed that this effect if must to the beta-sitosterol, gift in great amount in the avocado. This fitoesterol has the function to inhibit the release of cortisol, what consequently a reduction in the formation of abdominal fat will occur. Beyond that, cortisol is an antagonistic one of the GH, that is a hormone that is involved in liplise in the increase of lean mass, with the reduction of cortisol, the GH will be in bigger concentration, what also it contributes for the reduction of HERE. It was observed that the consumption of the avocado did not influence significantly in the IMC of the participants of the research. However, it was observed that the consumption of the avocado had positive effect in the reduction of the weight of the studied individuals. As it shows (table 1).

    Table 1. Effect in the consumption of the avocado in the corporal weight of the studied individuals. Individual Weight later Weight before 1127,6 kg127,8 kg 264,6 kg64 kg 3 63 kg65 kg 4 61,5 kg62,6 kg 5120,6 kg120,8 kg 659,5 kg60,8 kg Individuo3 can be observed that in indivduo1, aperda of weight was of 0,2%, no longer areduo was of 3,1%, in indivduo4 areduo was of 1,7%, in individual 5 it was of 0,2% and in indivduo6 areduo of weight was of 2,1%.


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