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    Why? a nation that has identity as France, for example, does not allow these exageros, that by chance, this week the profusion of references forbade ' ' Facebook' ' to ' ' Twitter' ' , why this, beyond estrangeirismo is registered mark. It observes as the electronic Dictionary Houaiss? it defines ' ' Estrangeirismo' ' ' ' generally strong influence of the culture, the customs etc. of determined nation on another one or one significant parcel of the individuals of this. ' ' We have to consider the following one: our culture is more easy to dominate who allotment; it is more easy if to impose as dominadores to that they admire in them, is more easy to colonize to that, anticipatedly? already they are considered colonized. Therefore, Aldo Rabelo raised the flag of the nationalism? you unite, as they profess in all the films, games and public presentations, the north American.

    Therefore, we have to have very well-taken care of? first with the professionals who do not know the language native, second with those that, professionally, are to live in another universe? thinking and acting a life that occurs in another place and time, and other conditions, that is? it has an limited vision of its reality, saying that they come globally, and in the truth they veem narrowly. For example? The term ' ' Prequela' ' that the Wikipdia encyclopedia clarifies in them as: ' ' One prequela is a work that the same contains elements passed in ficcional universe ' ' e, we pass to use the term as ' ' tcnico' ' without correspondence in the Brazilian Portuguese. Please it observes the profusion of cited examples? all of American origin? without the charity at least of an only reference the national intellectual production? It has yes, pardon. A mentioned exception – ' ' The Normais' ' a surmounting Putz.


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