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    You want a cheap site? Much attention! The Expensive one can leave Cheap! We go to think together a situation. BC Ministry of Health follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Two sites of two competing companies. All two are made static sites in HTML. Until there nothing of problematic. The Site ' ' A' ' it cost R$350,00 and ' ' B' ' it cost 750,00 to be constructed. All two are in the same supplier and the same plain of lodging. If we will be to compute the annual expenses with lodging plan (R$10,00 monthly) and the register of the domain.

    Site the BCriao of the site R$350,00 R$750,00Hospedagem R$120,00 R$120,00Domnio R$30,00 annual R$30,00Total R$500,00 R$900,00Muitos if would risk to say that the site ' ' A' ' he is cheap and ' ' B' ' he is expensive; it is not this? But we go to stop and to reflect if really is this same As they are two sites of companies, all entrepreneur must have in mind two important things in this case. One is the Financial Investment and another one is the Tax of Return of the investment. Changing in small: it is to say if the value expense was profit or damage. The site ' ' A' ' he is very ' ' bunitinhu' ' was confectioned without otimizao some. It had bannerzinhos with movements, all coloridinho, 15 pages, menu drop-down. The owner found the maximum and divulged pra all the friends and colleagues.

    Throughout the year it was always in 10 page of the buscadores and brought in rude values for the R$500,00 company. The Site ' ' B' ' it has little pages (8 pages), pleasant layout, banners are static, adjusted colors to value the logomarca of the company and the content of the site. Only that this was created with focus in the otimizao. All links, headings, images, text, goal tags adequately created for the pursuing of the site of the company and too much factors had been optimized.

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    A good administration is that one that not to give space for the competitor grows to each day, if brings up to date of the new features, backwards for that only necessary itself for its growth, always enabling its employees, implanting to each day new management techniques at last as she said now little, efficient management if it identifies with the problems before taking any decision anticipated. DEVELOPMENT Before everything we go to give to a clear definition of enterprise diagnosis, it serves to identify what it has that to be applied to improve the performance of a company, collecting the data, of the same ones is extracted information and of the proper one the negative and positive points of the organization are pointed. As BLOCK (2001) disgnostic consists of searching the resources, results, the politics and standards of behavior of a reality aiming at to identify strong and weak points that intervene with the performance of a company. In this context the organizations must look for to use to advantage all the chances, as well as minimizing the threats or if adaptando they. We will go to the practical one to identify the weak points and to decide them, presenting to the proprietor and partners and you reading stages of extreme importance for the success of any enterprise, during the consultoria given to the company Mr.

    Mato will go to also perceive you discipline them to all linked of Organizacional Diagnosis, countable analysis, management of special people and Topics in administration and others. We go there, & lsquo; & rsquo; Study of Caso& rsquo; & rsquo; to analyze the financial and economic situation of the company PAGUE BEM LTDA Mr. Matos Silva and to present it improvement solutions generality. The company Mr. Matos Silva PAGUE BEM LTDA comes passing for difficulties in the administration area, the three years acting in the branch of the industry of footwear, being unsatisfied with the results reaching in recent years, for not having knowledge in management she is difficult to identify and to carry through changes. (As opposed to David Delrahim).


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