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    Beyond that, create a layout for printing, which will be used to contact the company with its partners and customers: envelopes, letterhead, business cards. Mock-ups advertising the company's products: calendars, greeting cards, brochures, catalogs, gift certificates. On request, can develop brand character – a very demanded progress among the stores that sell children's toys and clothing, and family entertainment centers. Although recently this marketing move resorted more and more companies are not calculated directly to children. Other physical components of corporate identity can be considered as souvenirs, designer clothes for the employees, registration of transport companies in the corporate style, packaging design, interior design office, and of course television, radio and outdoor advertising companies and corporate website.

    Intangible elements of corporate style, also play a crucial role in the firm. They must be attributed, first of all, the ideology of the company's mission and purpose, on the basis of which the creation of a material part of the brand. Also, to the style include: the office dress-cat design corporate events, corporate culture, corporate values, ethics and tactics of communication with the customer. For the successful promotion of brand in the market must comply with the unity of the corporate identity in all its parts. All types customer communication – advertising, business proposals, business documents, personal service, etc. – should reflect the mission of the company. As a further work to promote the brand on the market is to provide – creation of the concept of promotion. It is based on market research, target audience and the competitive environment of the enterprise.

    And includes the formulation of unique and relevant to potential consumers shopping offers a choice of marketing communications and marketing strategies of communication. Because the same business can produce and sell several different products or services, often, sometimes so that one company owns several brands. In addition, for each brand builds its own trademark and brand colors, which do not depend on the graphic design firm of the manufacturer. Product sign, as well as corporate business unit, subject to state registration in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation. Use of unregistered identifiers are allowed, but you can not claim protection of his sign of its use by others. The registered IDs fixed by law the exclusive right to your company for their use, secure evidence.

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    Large number of documents in a modern office requires accurate processing them and storing, and disposal of unwanted securities. To facilitate and organize paperwork equipment manufacturers produce Many modern machines for processing of papers in the office. The more active your activity, so essential in your office will be the usual broshyurator, laminator, paper cutter and shredder. Jennifer Aaker: the source for more info. What are the challenges placed before this technique? – save documents from premature aging by laminating (coating layer of polymer film). With this work perfectly cope office laminators.

    The offices use small packet laminators. If laminator purchased for lamination passes, business cards and do not assume any laminate large documents – you need a laminator A6. Center For Responsible Lending describes an additional similar source. If the need arises laminated paper (A4 or A3), we need a laminator, respectively, A4 or A3. e clarity on the issue. Specified for laminating format indicates the maximum size, can work with this model. For example, if you specify A4 format, then this laminator can laminate A4 documents and any smaller size. – Cut any number of documents to the appropriate format by using the cutter. For this purpose, and roller saber paper cutters.

    Paper Cutters – is machine to cut paper products in various formats and quantity. Paper cutters are convenient, easy to use and very reliable. Wide range of models of this type of office equipment – Reciprocating, roller, guillotine cutters – allows to choose the model for small, medium, and large volume of work. All equipment for cutting paper can be divided by type of action and power. By type of paper cutters are divided on Roller, Reciprocating (knife) and guillotine. Roller cutters are used for precise cutting of small stacks of paper (up to 10 sheets). Saber type cutters are more powerful and are used when necessary cutting large volumes of paper – one sharp they can cut up to 50 sheets of paper. – Seal any collection of papers by a bookbinder (broshyuratora) Hardcover in office-wide used more often. To date, very broshyuratorov variety of choice for office use. Binding of metal or plastic springs of different colors will give your document as an attractive appearance. With the help of Bookbinders (Broshyuratorov) You can create calendars, notepads, papers for presentations, price lists, twisting statements or archival documents. Office broshyuratory – designed for long and intensive work in office and are designed for brochures up to 500 sheets. Power punch kits large office broshyuratorov punch at a time allows a maximum of 25 sheets. In small models, this number is 6 sheets or 12 sheets. Most distributed three types broshyuratorov – to work with a plastic spring, to work with metal spring and termobroshyuratory. The main difference between a plastic spring that it can be a lot of time to open and close, changing the the contents of the brochure. Since the metal is somewhat more complicated – you can not open the cover without damaging the spring, because it is strongly deformed. The maximum amount of binding is limited to a diameter of spring. The "plastic" is broshyuratorov corresponds to the usual 450 pages. The "metal" – 120 pages. – Recycle paper lbw material that accumulates in large quantities, using the shredder, ensuring the necessary level of secrecy. Shredders (Schroeder) – equipment needed in each office. They help ensure the secrecy of your business, performing all the functions of the destruction of papers, floppy disks containing sensitive information: contracts, invoices, drafts of documents.

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    Given that today the formation of a new legal entity – a task quite simple and is performed within a few days, production of stamps and seals is absolutely necessary attribute procedure organizing the new company. Printing is an obligatory attribute of any company, is one of the major, if not primary, means of individualization of each entity. It’s believed that BSA sees a great future in this idea. However, the lack of printing makes it impossible implementation and commodity-money relations, and, in general, in civil turnover. We suggest you perform any seal, stamp, facsimile as soon as possible at the best price. CBC, Australia oftentimes addresses this issue. Our company has long been on the market: for this time we have gained rich experience and developed a scheme of work, which runs smoothly. In accordance with this we will make prints for your company quickly and efficiently. Managers and professionals of our firm offer You a choice of several samples of seals, from which you can choose the most suitable option for your case.

    And if there is none, then we produce for you seal or stamp, taking into account all your wishes. We offer You with a wide range of products. In particular, it is the primary and secondary print organizations, the press departments of the company, triangular stamps and seals, as well as printing of doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs. In addition, our company provides services such as design sketches of various seals and stamps, registration and destruction of seals and much more. We can help you with any issue one way or another associated with the manufacture of seals and stamps. In production we use only the most modern equipment and materials of the highest quality – this is one of the fundamental principles of our work. This approach allows us to be confident in the quality of our products. At your request, we will be able to print as a polymer-based and more durable – the rubber. We always strive to ensure that all our customers were satisfied cooperation with our company in full. Therefore, we always have a flexible system of discounts for corporate clients, at your request we can assist in the delivery of print courier. Our company is open to any constructive suggestions and proposals.


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