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    Today the Paran, the biggest ucraniana colony in Brazil, and also with the contribution of other peoples of the European east, had contributed very and with the local feeding bringing typical plates of its native culinria. This alimentary culture enriches our state providing new knowledge examples plates as borscht, holuletsi (leaf of cabbage stuffed with worn out meat and rice), peroghe that it is a mass in format of you graze cozida stuffed e, kactchka (duck with maces), kutia (candy the base of seeds of papoula and honey, to uzvar (compote of dry fruits, beyond the use of cereals, wheat the grain that was used in you vary prescriptions, the rye that one uses for broa and the bread, vegetables, tubercles and shrubs, cabbages, beetroot, potatoes (krin) bitter root. GERMANS: They had been the first Europeans after to arrive at the Paran the Portuguese. In 1829, the Europeans who arrived at the Paran disembarked in Paranagu or Antonina, later came to Curitiba. The Germans located if in the region of the general fields in the New Land colonies, between rivers and Witmarsum, with the great inlaid work consumption, sausages, sausages, chucrute, that it is the leavend cabbage, the preparation of beers, the jellies and compotes with fruits beyond the diversity in the preparation and consumption of the meat suna and duck. THE SYRIAN LEBANESE, TURKISH AND ARAB: Arabs of diverse origins had installed themselves at the beginning in the Paran of century XX, combining fully the local society and supplying to its customs the diversity that makes the cultural wealth of the state. Today important communities in Curitiba and Foz of the Iguau exist, among others paranaenses cities, whose members are inserted in more varied areas of the economic and social life. Delights of the Arab kitchen, bread of the Ramadan, rice with worn out meat and green broadbean, abobrinha stuffed, eggplant with tomatoes, chich, barak, makduz (eggplant with oil), manuch bi to zaatar (Syria bread with oil and zaatar), miandra (rice with lentils), artichokes in the orange, rice Syria candy with flower water damson plum laranjeira and compote, the majority of plates take mint and cardamom, Rome, curd and others.

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    Confused and lost in a confusion of thoughts, he was delivers to the desatinos of the imagination. For little he did not cross the red signal: he stopped on of the band. With the hands sweated on the projection, nor the least flanelinha perceived one to ask for almses to it. It hooked the march and it left. When entering in the parking of its building, it did not perceive that the neighbor of the room to walk waves to it. It went down of the car and it took the elevator It entered in the apartment, aflita. The clock of pendulum in the wall marked dezessete hours in point. As it did not have children and the secretary had left, she sat down in the sofa and, in an infinite desolation, she was amodorrou in a great melancholy.

    It entered in collapse with an attack of I cry histrico. He was one I cry overwhelming, proper of who loses the hope of living. An indignation, a deep sadness, a disillusionment with the life dominated it. It felt stomach wrapped up e, in the head, a pain lancinante. Minutes later, it had a lucidity moment and it imagined as it catches the virus of the AIDS. The first person to remember was the husband. It will be that Elias is contaminated? , it inquired same itself. It was arisen of the sofa and it walked until the window.

    The image of the death lampejava it to it the mind. The disenchantment with the life was well-known in its semblante. Depressed Indizivelmente, looked at to far and contemplated the twilight that dyed the afternoon golden. Why this problem would have to happen soon with me? it divagou. The moon was high, when Mariana was for the room to sleep.


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