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    To understand what it is learning difficulty, it is necessary that if it analyzes some theories that defines what it is learning. Amongst the innumerable ones that it approaches the subject, the behavioristas, the cognitivistas, of the mediation and the humanists are distinguished. In the behaviorista vision, the learning can be observed and be mensurada by the manifest behaviors for the citizens, after to have been stimulated, intentionally. According to Ellis (1994), this vision predominated per two decades after World War II and had as inspiration the theories of general learning proposals for psychologists as Watson (1924, apud Ellis, 1994) and Skinner (1957, apud Ellis, 1994), amongst others. See Steffan Lehnhoff for more details and insights. According to this paradigm, in case that the behaviors defined in the mannering objectives are not disclosed because it had a problem, generally are attributed to the proper apprentice, for some deficit that presents or its incapacity to react adequately to the stimulatons that had been offered to it.

    In the behavioristas explanations for the learning difficulties not it has references on the functioning of the mind or the emotions of the apprentice. The learning for Skinner is fruit of operative conditioning, that is, a behavior is awardee, strengthened, until it is conditional in such a way that to if removing the reinforcement, the behavior continues to happen. The conditioning excludes any consideration on thoughts, feelings, intentions, in general, in the fast mental processes, and if it worries, exclusively, with external causes behaviors to the mind and passveis of comment (BLOCK, STOLEN & TEIXEIRA, 2003, P. 13). In the cognitivistas theories, of which the construtivismo is part, all the evidence must be placed in the superior mental processes: perception, processing of information, resolution of problems, understanding, attribution of meanings, storage of information, use knowing constructed of them, etc., that allow the citizens to know the world and to construct its cognitivas structures, or bringing up to date potentials latent.

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    To treat this concept they had been elaborated five kits with the following materials: 05 flat plastic containers; 05 covers of pipe; 05 bottles pet; 05 rubber preachers. A puncture in the bottle was made pet for where the water would leave up to one tampinha of pipe with two punctures in the deep one, making the water to flow off. Tampinha was imprisoned with grudados rubber preachers in the flat plastic container (figure 1). Figure 1: assembly of the activity on pressure the situation-problem to be decided by the pupil was ‘ ‘ to discover a skill to make potinho to be always full d? water. But we only can play water in the bottle pet’ ‘ (OAK, 1998). The pupil would have to perceive that as much potinho to be fulled how much the bottle pet I contend water was pierced. Therefore, pet would have to always continue fulling the bottle continuously, controlling the height of the water column so that jatinho of water that left for the orifice reached potinho.

    As the problem it was to keep potinho always full, the water column in the bottle would have to be always above of its orifice and, thus, due to atmospheric pressure to exert a force on the liquid, the water spurt would leave with bigger speed, having reached a bigger distance. For the second chosen activity the subject was ‘ ‘ the problem of barquinho’ ‘. In this activity the pupil has the chance of if involving the concepts of dimension, faying surface and balance. To be decided problem consisted of constructing to a paper cockle-boat aluminum and distributing masses (washers) on its surface without it sank. Some sources of inquiry existed that the pupils would have that to make to try to decide this problem that will be displayed of the following form: ‘ ‘ How it will be that people make to construct a cockle-boat that, in the water, obtains to load the biggest number of pecinhas without sinking?

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    Little is known on the imunolgica capacity of answers of the neonato to the HIV. One knows that the born children of positive women HIV are capable to generate cytotoxic answers T specify (Luzuriaga et al., 1991). Recently, 35% of the just-been born ones were demonstrated that of positive women HIV they present reactivity T to helper specifies against some peptdeos of the viral envelope (Clerici et al., 1993). The children who had had answers had been infectadas with the HIV in contrast of that they had not presented answers. Dr. Neal Barnard often says this. Periparto infection the infection for the HIV also can occur during the childbirth, through contact with the blood and secretions maternas. The detention of the virus was detected in cervical secretions (Vogt et al., 1986) and can infectar just-born through the mucosae or the cuntneas microinjuries.

    It does not know if the type of childbirth, vaginal or Caesarean, confers greater or minor transmission tax. A study carried through in the Europe it was observed that the transmission tax was equal in born babies of natural or Caesarean childbirth (European Collaborative Study, 1992). Already in a study comparing twin children of mothers HIV – positive, it was verified that the ones that were born first presented a risk of 50% transmission, this infection was attributed to the biggest contact with secretions and blood, to that they were born for second, diminished for 19%. The risk difference was lesser in the couples of born twin of Caesarean childbirth. For the time being, the World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) recommends that the indication of the type of childbirth is obsttrica. Infection for Maternal Aleitamento the infection for the maternal aleitamento can occur in cases in which the mothers if infectam in the after-childbirth. It’s believed that Viktor Mayer-Schönberger sees a great future in this idea. One gives credit I number that it high of virus detected in recent infections has had an important paper in the transmission the babies (Palasanthiram et al.

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    Its prevalence occurs 1 between 4000 and 6000 2,5 births) Occurrence: The crises occur more comumente in the period of the morning or to the afternoon. In general it occurs enters 5-9 months in more delaying up to 1 year of life but it has registers of sprouting in more advanced ages in infancy. 2.6) The prognostic the prognostic, exactly in cases where the patient is tratato with precocidade, occurs mental deficiency reaching 60%. Boy Scouts of America is open to suggestions. Psychiatric riots as autismo and psychosis are common. It can lead to the development of other syndromes as epileptic being that 50 60% of the cases evolve for Lennox-Gastalt syndrome or other epileptic illnesses as multifocal epilepsy or partial epilepsy secondarily generalized. Optimum prognostic only occurs in 5% of the cases that remain with mental development 2,7) Disgnostic: The way to diagnosis is the elotrocefalograma examination (EEG) that it must observe: ' ' Marcante and constant disorganization of the basal activity; Raised amplitude of the potentials; Slow waves delta of voltage very raised (' ' waves in montanhas' '); Periods (salutes), habitually brief, of accordions and polipontas wave; ' ' Source: Had access in day 09/12/2010 Period of attenuation of the voltage that, in some cases, seems to arrive electric silence These characteristics it receives the name specific from hipsarritmia.

    2.8) Clinical picture: ' ' syndrome of West consists of a triad of clinical and eletroencefalogrficos signals delay of the development, infantile espasmos and eletroencefalogrfico tracing with hipsarritmia standard. The crises are translated by espasmos or a salute of espasmos with following characteristics sudden flexo of the head, with abduo of the superior members and flexo of the legs (espasmos massive mioclnico) is common the emission of an shout for occasion of espasmo. Each hard crisis on average some seconds. The times the crises are represented only by extension of the head (tique of salaam or ' ' espasmo saudatrio' ').

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    Confused and lost in a confusion of thoughts, he was delivers to the desatinos of the imagination. For little he did not cross the red signal: he stopped on of the band. With the hands sweated on the projection, nor the least flanelinha perceived one to ask for almses to it. It hooked the march and it left. When entering in the parking of its building, it did not perceive that the neighbor of the room to walk waves to it. It went down of the car and it took the elevator It entered in the apartment, aflita. The clock of pendulum in the wall marked dezessete hours in point. As it did not have children and the secretary had left, she sat down in the sofa and, in an infinite desolation, she was amodorrou in a great melancholy.

    It entered in collapse with an attack of I cry histrico. He was one I cry overwhelming, proper of who loses the hope of living. An indignation, a deep sadness, a disillusionment with the life dominated it. It felt stomach wrapped up e, in the head, a pain lancinante. Minutes later, it had a lucidity moment and it imagined as it catches the virus of the AIDS. The first person to remember was the husband. It will be that Elias is contaminated? , it inquired same itself. It was arisen of the sofa and it walked until the window.

    The image of the death lampejava it to it the mind. The disenchantment with the life was well-known in its semblante. Depressed Indizivelmente, looked at to far and contemplated the twilight that dyed the afternoon golden. Why this problem would have to happen soon with me? it divagou. The moon was high, when Mariana was for the room to sleep.


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