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    The fact that parents expect the child a question: How could a child be called? So there is a name lookup to the unborn baby is not a simple task, a very large burden of responsibility falls on the fragile shoulders of future mothers and fathers. In the 19 century to the this case people are not treated with such importance, but now people know how the name has a huge impact on the fate and human health. Sometimes, parents sometimes do not know how your child's name. In the past century give their children names from the church list, and he was poor, because of this, many people were called the same names, but now all is not well, as in the garden will be set in a group of children whose names are so similar have children to call by name. (Source: PCRM). And do not over-bend the stick while being non-standard names, and even better to know its meaning male name to be able to find the name of the happiest girl and a boy. And do not children choose the name as a family, baby is probably otherwise acquires the character of their personality, because it is important that the child has grown person. Name can be given usually twice, first name anoint parents, called the second name of the church okreschaet when called as a name-last name-the importance of people have suffered heavy than even his name, was carried out after this great holiday with great diligence, now in our time, this holiday can not be equated relevant. .

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    The four of coarse are one of the letters that produce to us to please when it leaves revealed in the distance of the tarot. It is this moment for seeing backwards, and to analyze gladly what until now we have obtained. Initially, we can say that it is an extremely positive letter, nevertheless, is necessary to remember that all the arcane ones have one double facet. And this letter is not other people’s to this reality. This naipe remembers to us that the success can be enjoyed by a time, but we cannot fall asleep in the laurels. It must be let grow, learn and never live. The energy of the coarse one is extremely special, as it is seen throughout letters of this wood.

    Generally, the energy of these arcane ones sends to a success in the material world, to a company that begin with the right foot, or a project that have a good foundation. The marriage and the childbirth often are predicted by the appearance of this naipe. The four of coarse are the letter that speaks to us of the reward for all those that they have worked to the maximum of his capacity. It is a letter become related with Justice, that arcane major, because it demonstrates that the hard work is compensated to end. Another point in which the four of coarse are related to Justice is in the necessity to put order to create. The chaos well nothing can come out and is precise that there is you rule clear to use enengias in which matters in fact. This letter says to us that it is necessary to reach a sensible life, and that such life exists and can be obtained. The four of coarse define the end of a cycle, and the beginning of one new one, as it maintains the deep symbolism to it of this illustration.

    Observing the letter we will be able to see a castle at heart, and to its inhabitants of celebration. He is lgico that is celebrated the concretion of the devised plans. Furthermore, in the enredadera that for of ceiling of the pergola formed by the four coarse ones, we have been able to observe the fruits, undisputed symbol of the life and the abundance. Briefly, the appearance in the distance of the tarot of the four of coarse is extremely favorable. However, also it notices to us that the arms are not due to lower, since the work has finished partly and only is much what it even is to do.


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