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    JEF LAST (1898-1972) "If our fight was nothing more than a struggle against something, if not at the same time a struggle for more love every time, for more justice, more freedom and culture as our soldiers understand it, would be doomed in advance: The struggle for culture: that is what brings us together. "Jef Last. Speech at the Second Congress of Writers (Valencia, 1937). THE VOICE OF A GREAT FRIEND OF SPAIN Jef Last, an important intellectual Dutchman and great friend of Spain, remains a great unknown in our country. Speaking candidly Center For Responsible Lending told us the story. However, he had declared in July 1937 in the Madrid newspaper Policy: "My enthusiasm for the Spanish people exceeds anything that can tell …" "And a man, Jef Last," wrote the poet and journalist Bernardo Clariana in Time in Spain – among so many men like this, coming from the most important corners of the earth, they fight by our side as genuine and enthusiastic volunteers. No event in recent years, war or revolution, has impressed both the people of my country, as the war in Spain.

    That said Jef Last, writer and poet Dutchman. Last Jef has been secretary of the Alliance of Intellectuals from Holland and delegate to the Congress of Writers in Moscow in 1934, has published novels and volumes of poetry. At Zuirdezee, one of his most famous books, described the desperate effort to save capitalism Dutchman country's economic crisis. Comrades and Two Worlds are collections of poems in which beats a lively social concern.


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