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    It is important to bear in mind that if these events are not permanent, the time series can be applied and the expert should model these events on the system to generate the correct projection. Is very important that the user of this system in harmony and consistency with the model to use in a nutshell that has feeling with the model selected by the system. There may be situations in which the system select a model due to the statistical analysis, however the user has enough knowledge to discuss the selected model. These cases are very frequent when the series has few data or a change has occurred specific conditions of the market. ForecastPro has an elaborate algorithm of selection expert which is based on rules and the nature of the data for segmenting potential models to be applied to data series within the 96 different statistical models that Forecast Pro works.

    Once this segmentation, performs a competition between the models selected to choose the best according to statistical parameters. In other cases the user can have the knowledge of future events that are not captured in the forecast model. For example, may be a planned promotion, a competitor entering the market or an atypical sales scheduled. In these cases, the user will want to treat the model automated as a basis to apply their judgment and adjust the forecast in such a way that it reflects the event in the future. The level of certainty with which can generate a projection of demand is essential throughout the process of planning for an organization.

    The development of forecasts based on no adequate tools for this work can generate erroneous results that impact all processes of the organization. It is important to review in detail the planning process of the demand, the experience of the gliders for the development of this work and used tools that serve as support for the correct accuracy of the forecast. Mind Andina has implemented more than 25 projects demand planner based on the use of the Forecast Pro system in major companies in the Andean region. You can view a presentation and demonstration of Forecast Pro online, by clicking here original author and source of the article


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