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    The large platform for parents of sick children, for doctors and therapists Hamburg, May 21, 2010. Sick children and young people need specific and tailored to their needs help. The children’s treatment network under the direction of psychologist Kerstin Schulte therefore offers since the beginning of the year an Internet portal with integrated Germany-wide search to doctors and therapists, the are also or especially the treatment of children and young people devote. “Parents of physically and/or mentally ill children feel often overwhelmed with the search after an effective and helpful treatment in their environment”, so CEO Kerstin Schulte. “The KTN helps not only with a professional therapist search, it provides extensive information about the different departments and a growing lexicon, which registered therapists participate in.” The children’s treatment network is Germany’s first and only website of its kind and offers many useful addresses and information around the area next to the doctors and therapist search Child therapy and medicine. The offer includes recognized treatments and offers no recording for esoteric or other questionable approaches. Therapists and doctors and others from the areas of occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychology and psychotherapy, physiotherapy, dietary advice, children and adolescent medicine, dentistry and other fields will be recorded. “It records only doctors and therapists, who prove their technical and additional qualifications with us”, as the initiator of the children’s treatment network.

    “So we can guarantee quality parents and their children, which is so important in the health care sector.” But the network will benefit not only children and their legal guardian, registered therapists and doctors benefit from the offer. The children’s treatment network takes over the practice of marketing on the Internet with minimal financial and personal for them. Doctors and therapists get a personal profile page, where they will introduce themselves and their work with their registration in the KTN. In addition to the Adjusting a photo profile includes space for comprehensive patient information, contact details, information about education and training and the linking of a practice site, if one exists. The portal is designed for physicians and therapists different disciplines, working in private practice and have treatment or therapy services for children and young people”, so the owner of the portal. Our service greatly simplifies the practice owners website, is inexpensive and brings new patients as parents in search of primarily look for help for their children on the Internet for good doctors and therapists”. Contact information: children’s therapy network (Dipl.-Psych. Kerstin Schulte Beet Hofstrasse 17 22335 Hamburg mail (at) kindertherapienetz.de Tel: 040 38670968 mobile 0151-54225285 the children’s treatment network in January 2010 by the psychologist Kerstin Schulte founded and would like the parents of physically and/or mentally ill children and young people in the search for the appropriate physician or therapist help. It provides information about disease and treatment options and includes the addresses of children’s hospitals and hospices of children from all over Germany. It also provides practice owners, whose treatment spectrum also (or only) that includes the treatment of children and young people to acquire a serious and effective way of advertising in the Internet, to new patients.


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