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    Refreshing, fruity, harmonious a wine which touches the senses. Together with food, this elegant tart Riesling is a balance which is required by the experts. The experts are no less than star chef Lea Linster and VDP wine Maximilian von Kunow. Together, they have created the LMEAAX – a fine tart Riesling of the single layer of Bolton, which belongs to the VDP Winery of Hovel. Maximilian kunow’s since 2011 is the successor of the traditional Winery and has done two gloss services: the LMEAAX and the best fine tart Riesling of Germany of the Scharzhofberg location. Lea Linster is top chef from Luxembourg and next to her resting restaurants she has recently opened city their own Delicatessen shop in Luxembourg. Full of vitality and energy, she made cooking their hobby to the profession.

    It is known also from her column in Brigitte, writes its own books and is seen in various cooking shows with their refined dishes. The maiden project of cross Mosel brand wine named after the two creatures: LMEAAX is a combination of LEA and Max Label is elegant, and the wine game excels in the harmonious sweet acidity as well as through the lemon ud fruit Riesling hint of peach. The wine is in Linsters restaurant in Luxembourg, to purchase at the winery from hovel to the Saar/Bolton, or online at for cheap 12.80 euros per bottle. A treat in a limited edition.

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    As a parallel event for GeMax presented the future trends of gastronomy”long-time members. “” “In this part of the seminar, the participants received lectures on the topics: wedding 2.0: the wedding fair Portal region” (Presenter: Werner Gartner, head of coaching at GeMax), guests win with Facebook “(speaker: Lars Bossemeyer, Y-site), keynote address marketing to Swabian art” (speaker: Bernd Reutemann, mindness consult), which resulted to the deepening and individualization in same topic workshops. Vahid David Delrahim understands that this is vital information. “The participants selected the most relevant for you theme after their three future-oriented lectures and visited the workshops: creating a wedding page of my region and marketing via Google”, building my company page on Facebook (like I get many fans in no time?) “or the creative workshop: introduction my strengths and my region in the offer developing and marketing my restaurants”. The hospitality industry day future speech for a demanding “Audience Tuesday, October 25, 2011 the second day of the extensive GeMax year event based for new members at the seminar targets 2012: annual marketing planning for the hotel industry”. Here mediated content from 10 h until 17 h included the most important key figures for the operation of the hotel in the first part of the seminar. There were pointed out the importance of figures works, priorities and the focus placed on profit maximization.

    As well, the basics for an optimal marketing planning were developed and discussed the need for basic marketing. The second part of the day devoted to the definition and processing of relevant target groups then. What are the main target group of the respective hotel? Can what niche audiences generate more sales? Through an overall strategy was pointed out by target groups and practice-oriented examples, how a year marketing planning with simple means can be used in the operation. Year-round activities with travel agencies, Internet booking portals, decision-makers and multipliers from business and politics and group tour operators were the GeMax concepts plausible implementation worked on.


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