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    That he is with it that we want to ripen, to create a family and to age. Because although the differences, of different defect and points of view, exists love and the ambiguidades are surpassed because it is to such. As it says the song: she' s the one, it is to such and during some time we are happy. Everything is prettier, the world gains a new color and us we desire that these moments if become perpetual. However, the gnio does not appear and we wait without knowing that this our desire is not so simple as the others, therefore we are dependent of ours karma and of what he is written in our Book of the Life. According to CDF, who has experience with these questions. But one day the dumb wind and the wheel start to turn in contrary direction, are a movement that goes increasing gradually and there the things move.

    We start to question us without understanding that all dumb one and that nothing in the life he is perpetual. We need to reorganize the foundations so that everything does not fall for land. As soon as we perceive this, parts that had left ours puzzle and some that we did not obtain to place, enter now incasing perfectly. However, we only understand as we are blessed, when that one our love if it multiplies and God in them sends a son. This son is a gift, it is the fruit of our love therefore is generated with the love that two adult and mature beings feel one for the other.

    Seated to the table, I see puzzle that I have come to construct and is enormous, pretty! It is the map of my life, I all see in it the passage in covered it. Some spaces are complete, full of beauty, color and joy. They are full of sun, light and rainbow.

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    Already I read innumerable chronicles regarding the chronicles and confess that me saciei a little in each one of them, of this form, steal could not me of this solemn moment, of this metalingustica. To write chronicle is to run risks. Risks of if embebedar for the emotion, the dynamics of the text and of abrupt form, or not, leaving to slide the sort of Ruy Castro, Luis Fernando Verssimo. To write chronicle is to homage these names and many others. Gain insight and clarity with BSA. It is to see the Literature in a next and accessible way. Stoning of a chronicle happens in the instant that if the step of the waltz between the story discovers, with its introspection, and the daily facts illustrated by the language that says implicit and explicit who is really the man of the age of the social nets.

    To write chronicle is to discover the imponent power of the language. It is to see to be born of each word the latent feelings and impressions in the mind and the heart of that it is sensible to the steps of the world, of the beings that inhabit the world. The chronicle is the wakening of the writer and the delight of, before the chronicle, almost reading. The chronicle allows bailar of the emotions in serenity device, therefore he is soft, comic, opinativo to say. It demarcates the figurative one through the Real, not inverse it. To write chronicle is to display feelings as many displayed times already, but never noticed for this prism. It is to cut so common situations, but with glamour that the written art allows. The chronicle with its sliding freedom risks between the literal sorts, in the permeia to the strange pleasure to be always to a step not to make a chronicle and finally to make a chronicle. The chronicle, in its fullness, denotes the slightness of the dreams collated with (perhaps) the regrets of the conflicts why it passes the man. Thus, to write chronicle is if to get passionate for what already it was said and to say it, getting passionate for what already it was felt and sentiz it with the intensity. is this limit (adrenalin? it would say the young) that it provokes in the cronista the sensation of that if cannot live without this craft, the honroso and pleasant craft.

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    Etevaldo and Jose as that by chance they meet in the supermarket. The stand of purchases of Etevaldo was overloaded of things, while of Jose the nothing it had. – Etevaldo, why this full pasta car, lasanha, this ' ' carboitrada' ' all? Jose spoke. – Mine ' ' mul' ' how he asked for pra to buy! – Strap soon this of the stand! You do not want to be fat person, right? He seems that the master wants you of form outside, everything pra to arrest you in house and no woman to look at more you. Woman is fire in this! – But – And this meat all, pra what!? – I go to make one churrasquinho, to take beers – You want in the truth you are to increase its cholesterol, to have one infarto and to leave homesickness here in the chest of its old friend. Strap soon this diversion that never finishes well of this stand.

    – And the barbecue of the sunday? – Another thing in the weekend Makes. By the way, what it all makes this beans and rice in this its stand? – It is what as daily! – Etevaldo, Etevaldo, you want to be plus one of those potbellied ones? Strap this plague of its stand, why you know that belly is not nothing healthful. Woman also does not like man is of form and its master is not different. – You good Jose! – Vixe mainha! these fruits all there, you crazy the my brother? This increases the glicemia, takes off these poisons. – Jose, as you know everything this? – He learns with me and you go to live up to two hundred years. – But seventy pra me already is sufficiently! this lettuce, I also take off? – There not my expensive one, you can abuse this. It eats the will. The two then are said farewell and Etevaldo thinks high: I find that I go to today start a regimen forced with my master. More ahead Jose pushes its stand and places everything that said pra Etevaldo to remove. Moral of history: It makes what I say, but does not make what I make.


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